Take a look at the last tender response your business submitted. Chances are it focused on what your technology and people could do, rather than what your client needed

But even when you do focus on solving client problems, coordinating a tender response or sales proposal is a high stress exercise. It's a mad rush to meet submission deadlines. And if you also lack a standard response process, you'll eat up even more time and energy. 

If it feels like you're pulling teeth every time you write a proposal, here's how Mint Content can alleviate your pain...

Tender response writing 


1. Develop a winning strategy 

Our expert researchers examine requirements documents, RFTs, organisational reports and strategic plans  to compose a competitive response strategy. 

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3. Manage your bid from start to finish

We manage the entire response and drive participation. Our content writers elicit response material from subject matter experts, tailoring each section to win  you business.

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2. Optimise existing content

Stop wasting a prospect's energy on dry or irrelevant contentWe rewrite your case studies and experience summaries to appeal to prospective clients.

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4. Support continuous improvement

If you're like most SMEs, nothing happens with response content post-submission - and your effort goes to waste. We improve response processes to make content reusable. 

Why Mint Content?

Technology companies excel at executing projects that deliver value. But delivery is just one element to master within the project lifecycle.

Before the fun of delivery can begin, your company must win the work.

With 150+ tender responses under our belt, Mint Content has the experience, processes and real-world knowledge to help your business stand out for the right reasons.

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