Does your technology company or professional services firm have it all backwards?

Take a look at the last tender response your business submitted. Chances are it focused on what your technology and people could do, rather than what your client needed

Take the following paragraph as an example: 

Mint Content's experience delivering successful sales proposals and managing tender responses is unmatched. Our consultants have over a decade of bid management and tender writing experience. In fact, they've delivered more than 150 proposals and tender responses to date. 

All these things are true, but it's the wrong approach. Why? 

Because the statement tells you what Mint Content can do. It's not focused on you, the client. 

Let's try a more engaging approach. Replace the above with this: 

Technology companies are brilliant at executing projects that deliver value. But delivery is just one element to master within the project lifecycle. Before the fun of delivery can begin, your company must win the work.

Coordinating a tender response or sales proposal is a high stress exercise. There is usually lots of last minute content writing and pestering subject matter experts to contribute. What's more, too many SMEs lack a standard response process, which eats up extra time and energy. 

It often feels like you're reinventing the wheel (or pulling teeth) every time you write a proposal. 

Here's how we can alleviate your pain...

Man rewriting tender response content
office space for meeting to discuss content

Research clients and develop win themes to focus on what matters: winning

Our expert researchers examine client materials (i.e. business case and requirements documents, RFTs, organisational reports and strategic plans) to compose a competitive response strategy. We handle the strategic and thematic elements of each response to ensure the highest possible quality. 

Take the headache out of managing bids and sourcing content             

A large tender response can involve many internal and external contributors. To make this easy, our consultants project manage the entire response and drive participation. Our content writers elicit response material from subject matter experts, tailoring each section with the aim of winning you business. 


Rewrite and reposition existing content to make it reusable and on target

We'll rewrite your case studies and experience summaries to appeal to prospective clients. Central to our approach is crafting content that engages people. Is the writing clear? Positioned correctly? No matter what your industry, we stop you wasting a prospect's energy on dry or irrelevant content.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 3.04.22 PM.png

Quality assurance and continuous improvement

If you're like most small to medium enterprises, nothing happens with the response content post-submission. It sits on somebody's desk, gathering dust - and your effort goes to waste. 

Let us help you improve your response processes by making content accessible and reusable. Put our information management and information architecture expertise to work. 


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