Your weekly content writing wrap - #8

mint content weekly content writing wrap

What we've been reading

More videos, fewer podcasts? 10 pieces of content your audience really wants to see - HubSpot
Internet user behaviour is changing to reflect a growing interest in visual content. Users are also shifting where they’re reading content, choosing social media platforms over of more traditional blog and long-form outlets.

Why Buffer writes multiple headlines for every article - Buffer
Headlines are fascinating and probably the most important part of any piece of content. Right now, it feels like we’re in the midst of another evolution and moving away from some sensationalistic headlines that become popular with the rise of social media and towards more descriptive and detailed headlines.

How to start building an audience from scratch - Medium
Zero in on a niche topic. You don't need everyone to love your content - instead, aim to connect with the people who do find it valuable. 

Your small business brand identity checklist - The Makers' Collective
"Your brand is actually an incredibly important but intangible thing, and at it’s core, your brand is a promise you make to your customers or audience. Your logo is just one visual piece that helps deliver that promise."

New from us

the start up marketer's guide to creating killer content

The start up marketer's guide to creating killer content
If you work for a startup, you'll know that content development usually ends up at the bottom of the to-do list. Here's how to focus your content writing efforts to get better results. 

How to build a compelling brand and wage asymmetrical war
You might think Trump is crazy or dangerous, but there's no denying he has a powerful brand persona. James McPhillips shares what marketers can learn.

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