Your weekly content writing wrap - #7

Mint content weekly content writing wrap

What we've been reading

How we generated thousands of sales leads by mapping one process - Lucidchart
Fact: You're probably sitting on a gold mine of sales leads through your support channel. Here's how to capitalise on them to drive sales. 

When was the last time your subscribers heard from you? - The Freelance to Freedom Project
Sending relevant, helpful emails and turning those subscribers into people that love and want to hire you – that’s the money.

A copywriter's guide to rewriting website content - Clever Copywriting School
Rewriting web content can be a daunting task. It’s often trickier than starting from scratch. After all, how do you transform pages of messy, monotonous drivel into clear, engaging content?

Is too much information bad for you? - 30 Days to X
Stop reading and start doing. 

We found Mint Content's dream co-working space - Quartz
For researchers, readers, architecture gawkers or those seeking a quiet spot with free wi-fi, New York City’s most famous reading room has officially reopened to the public.

Why the fall of the human attention span isn't such a bad thing - Medium
It may be that long-form attention is decreasing simply because we don’t need it anymore. In the age of the goldfish, where people can access information at an instant, we’re seeing a change in the skills necessary to learn.

New from us

Go 'full Trump' part one: how to weaponise risk and confirmation bias to build your brand
Every week we turn a Mint Content blog post into a video. This week, strategist James McPhillips explains the Trump #Election2016 phenomenon, and shares (derogatory comments about women aside) what marketers can learn from his success.

Event: How to win clients and get more work
Another shameless plug for this event. (Last one, I promise!) What can you do to make finding profitable clients easier? Join Canberra Business Writers in October to hear from Mint Content’s Amy Birchall. She’ll share her advice for attracting decent clients, and how to close deals faster.

That's all for this week. James and I are in Canberra until 24 October, then we're off to Thailand for the rest of the year. Want to catch up before we return to the Chiang Mai office? Book a meeting time here

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!