Your weekly content writing wrap - #6

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What we've been reading

Why treating PR like business development makes sense - The Macro
As a former business journalist, this advice is spot on: "Treating PR like business development means developing relationships with reporters as people, getting introduced through warm connections instead of cold emails, and creating a fair value exchange."

How newsfeed algorithms work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - HubSpot 
Today's most popular social networks use algorithm-based feeds to create better user experiences. But how do these algorithms work? This article outlines exactly what you need to know.  


The 30 commandments of working for yourself - Ash Ambirge
Also useful for anyone who has to close deals, impress customers, run marketing departments or negotiate like a boss. Like this: "Whatever you’ve got on your to-do list, cut it by 75%. That last 25% is what you’ll get done today, so plan for that. Trust me. This is great productivity advice, despite it sounding like I’m telling you to do less."

Your work is better when you don't multi-task - Medium
Figure out what you need to accomplish and bundle similar tasks together. For each task type, schedule a block of uninterrupted time tied to a predetermined milestone to reach by the end your work session.

What Netflix can teach us about long-tail keyword research - Marketing Land
Anyone who has ever used Netflix knows about their very obscure categories. Categories like “Imaginative Time Travel Movies From The 1980s,” may seem outrageous on the surface, but their purpose is actually right on. 

ProPublica’s new Chrome extension wants to decipher what Facebook thinks it knows about its users
Facebook has s

pent the better part of the last decade sucking up as much information about its users as possible. What’s less clear is how Facebook uses that data to actually make decisions about which ads and other content it wants to show users.

New from us

trump destroyer

Go 'full Trump' part 2: build a compelling brand and wage asymmetrical war
You might think Trump is crazy or dangerous, but there's no denying he has a powerful brand persona. Mint Content strategist James McPhillips explains what marketers can learn.

José González reveals the secret life inside Australia’s most famous sails
The Sydney Opera House is renowned for its world-class acoustics, modern architecture and sweeping harbour views. Amy Birchall has the details on a digital collaboration series uncovering the secret life within Australia’s most famous sails.

Event: How to win clients and get more work
Even the most experienced business writers have to hustle for work. So what can you do to make finding profitable clients easier? Join Canberra Business Writers in October to hear from Mint Content’s Amy Birchall. She’ll share her advice for attracting decent clients, and how to close deals faster.

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