Your weekly content writing wrap - #5

Content writing wrap

What we've been reading 

NASA on social media: inside the strategies that drive social media's most info-packed, beautiful profiles - Buffer
"People will see NASA, they will look at that conversation, they’ll see NASA, and say, 'Hey, I didn’t know NASA was on Twitter, I’m going to start following them.'

That’s how you really grow and audience over time. We have over 18 million followers now on Twitter and that didn’t happen by accident. That happened from a lot of work over many years of doing things like joining conversations that are existing and proactively trying to reach new audiences."

It's how you say it: using connection to influence - CEO Magazine
Facts and figures don't make us buy. Using connection to influence at the emotional level is what drives behavioural change.

Top Facebook demographics that matter to marketers - Hootsuite
Knowing the age and income of your audience is great. But so is actually understanding their habits, motivations and pain points. Doing so can help build lasting relationships that truly matter.

David Kadavy on the merits of swapping your daily routine for a weekly routine - Medium 
"When most people build a routine, they try to get themselves to do the same things every day, over and over again. To me, this is like trying to teach a Chihuahua to meditate. Instead, build a weekly routine. It’s predictable enough to maximise your output, but flexible enough to accommodate your ebbs and flows of energy throughout the week."

Hacking flow states on a daily basis - Medium
"Every person has certain times of the day when they are at their peak creatively. Understanding when these times occur and the conditions that bring them about can you help you tap into flow states on a daily basis, while also drastically increasing your creative output."

How spending 10 minutes reviewing your competitors' blogs can make yours better - Problogger
What voice are they writing in? How often to they post? How long are their posts? Useful insights into how analysing competitors can help you improve your own brand. 

New from us

Trump to victory

Go 'full Trump': How to weaponise risk and confirmation bias to build your brand
Struggling to make sense of the Trump campaign phenomenon? Strategist James McPhillips breaks it down, and shares why brands have plenty to learn from Trump's unconventional approach. 

Video: What the longest bridge in Southeast Asia can teach marketers about content strategy
Every week, we make a Mint Content blog post into a video. This week, Amy explains why engineers and content marketers face very similar problems, and how to overcome them.

Event: How to win clients and get more work
Even the most experienced business writers have to hustle for work. So what can you do to make finding profitable clients easier? Join Canberra Business Writers in October to hear from Mint Content’s Amy Birchall. She’ll share her advice for attracting decent clients, and how to close deals faster.

That's all for this week. Happy Friday!