Your weekly content writing wrap - #4

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What we've been reading

These are the social media myths we need to stop circulating - Medium
You don't need to be on every social media platform. You can get results without posting at a certain time of day. And believe it or not, scarcity can create value - even online. 

62% of businesses in Asia struggle to create sufficient volumes of quality content - HubSpot
Those aren't great odds. This report shows how marketers can resource content marketing, identify effective methods and get more bang for their buck.

5 myths about searching for information online - Altitude Information
Can you really rely on the information you find on Google? The internet is great, but if you're relying solely on Google or other browsers, you're probably missing out on valuable information. 

The ultimate guide to building client relationships - Double Your Freelancing
Worried about keeping your pipeline full? This article is targeted at freelancers, but it's packed with terrific advice for anyone who works with clients. 

10 content writing tips that will help you find interesting topics in minutes - QuickSprout
"You’ve exhausted all possible avenues, topics, approaches, angles, possibilities, and techniques. It’s over. Your blogging career has to die because you don’t have anything else to say." Wrong. 

New from us

Header image content writer save time and money

How hiring an external content writer can save you tonnes of time and money
We crunched the numbers to find out exactly how much time and effort goes in to producing content in-house. It's way more than you might expect. 

Video: How to turn failed business proposals into opportunity
Every week, selected Mint Content blog posts are made into videos. This week, bid manager James McPhillips explains why losing a business proposal doesn't have to totally suck.