Your weekly content writing wrap - #34

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The role of content in customer decision making - Acrolinx
With people using the internet to access vast masses of data, their search for information about a product they may purchase starts with content. Any content out there could impact a customer’s decision to choose your brand. If you are creating some of this content then you can get a bit of control back over what people are reading about your product. Whether in the form of blogs, videos, or ebooks, content allows you to establish your brand as thought leaders of the industry and to communicate the pros of your product.

The state of email in 2017: email marketing stats across each industry - Sumo
Many businesses are using email marketing to leverage customers, but only a few are doing it well. Sumo looks at the state of email marketing in 2017, and outlines some of the crucial mistakes marketers are still making. With difficult to find registration buttons, a lack of welcome emails, and newsletters hitting the spam folder, email marketing still has far to go.

11 startup blogs that are killing the game - Contently
These small but savvy startups on Contently’s list have created big names for themselves through killer blogs. With an engaged community eagerly following their posts, these startups prove a good example for other companies to learn from.
Check them out and you might find your next weekly read. Some of our favourites on the list include: Buffer, Hubspot and Kissmetrics.

5 important visual lessons from designers for content marketers – The Content Marketing Institute
Since visuals are crucial content for marketers, they need to understand simple design rules. The Content Marketing Institute sets 5 tips for marketers from designers:

  • "Know less is more – give visitors space and time to pace their viewing.
  • Strike a balance – see visual content creation as important as text or audio creation.
  • See the color – stay true to your brand. 
  • Think about typography – give visitors an easy-to-read experience.
  • Don’t let page-load time deter visitors – optimize your visuals.”

Instantly improve your website’s search ranking – Rachel Ziv
Rachel Ziv shares her expert tips on how to instantly get your website ranking higher. Get down to basics with your SEO to rank at the top of a Google search. Without a large budget and years of work, you can do this by improving your page title, meta description and alt descriptions.

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How to build a winning personal brand in 2017
Inside or outside business hours, if you want a strong personal brand you have to constantly work on it, writes Amy Birchall. Do you think personal branding is important for business success?

Copywriting tip of the week

Copywriting tip

A P.S. is probably the third most important part of a piece of copywriting (after the offer and the headline). Everybody reads the P.S., so it’s essential that you drive home the main benefit of the product or service you’re selling.

P.S. Give it a try!

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