Your weekly content writing wrap - #33

Content writing

What we've been reading 

29+ actionable content writing tips [+examples] – Writtent
Content writing is not something you can afford to do badly. The quality of your content is make or break for your business. Engaging your audience with the perfect content is a difficult task, but there are easy ways to improve. Writtent provides 29 tips to instantly improve your content writing, including: making it actionable, using the active voice, and add your twist.

The three key elements of influential digital marketing - Copyblogger
Copyblogger explains why aspiration, empowerment and unity are key to influence in the modern digital marketing world. “Empowering content that matches aspirations and validates worldviews is what those coveted influencers use to build audiences… if a prospect can’t see themselves belonging with your brand, they’ll look — and find — someone who does make them feel like they belong by standing for something that matters to them.”

23 quotes to inspire your content marketing and the difference you can make – Content Marketing Institute
When it comes to marketing and content creation, it's easy to lose focus of our content vision. When you’re looking for inspiration to re-energise you, the Content Marketing Institute has put together motivating quotes for any marketer. Like this one from Jolie Miller:

“What I love about content is it has the power to change people’s lives for a second or for a day or forever. Great content creates space for people to pause and reflect, and that space is where transformation happens.”

How to get thousands of leads from Quora in five months - Sumo
Obvious isn't always better for driving traffic to your website. Sumo suggests using Quora to show off your industry knowledge. By asking and answering the most pressing questions in your industry, you’re gaining organic views, interested followers, and direct subscriptions by positioning yourself as a thought leader. Sumo provides 10 tips for strategically using Quora to create a community and grow your following.

How Monster’s Margaret Magnarelli uses content to bring humanity to job hunting – News Cred
Monster’s savvy content team of six people, lead by Margaret Magnarelli, has boosted the website’s views by 18 percent in a year. In providing content that fits into the categories of “utility, news, and highly shareable and entertaining,” Monster has humanised job hunting, created an engaged and loyal audience. Magnarelli shares her knowledge of content and vision of Monster’s strategy with News Cred. “Being able to connect with people at all stages and have them know that Monster is there for all that information means that we’re top of mind when people start looking for jobs.”

New from us

3 quick thoughts on memetic warfare, persuasion and influence
We've compiled the best of business development lead James' LinkedIn posts from last month. Here's a sample: "Advanced practitioners of memetic war can propagate their message quickly though a social media network, leverage organically trending hashtags, fight MSM narratives, hijack brands, and influence and persuade on a massive scale."

Copywriting tip of the week

Copywriting tip

Subheadings help to organise an article’s thoughts. They give the reader a better idea of how the article flows. It also makes the content easily digestible to the readers and it gives a hint of what the writer is talking about. In short, subheadings are a MUST for winning content.

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