Your weekly content writing wrap - #32

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What we've been reading

How Merriam-Webster made dictionaries fun by building a powerful brand voice – Lauren Naturale – Buffer
Who would have thought that a dictionary could be interesting and fun? With good content marketing, anything is possible. By developing a personality for the brand, and channeling this through social media, Merriam Webster built a large and loyal social media following. Buffer interviews Merriam Webster’s Lauren Naturale, who shares how brands can develop their own unique voice.

6 brand certifications to make you a better social media marketer - HootSuite
Keeping up with changing technology is a difficult task, but one that is expected of most marketers today. Knowing how to use the newest marketing software and apply the right strategies can set you and your company apart. HootSuite shares six of the best online courses to boost your skills, from SEO to advanced social media.

The 6 most important social media trends of 2017 - Contently
Contently break down eMarketers US Social StatPack, to outline the six important social media trends for 2017. Some highlights from the article include:

  • The age groups of social media users has widened - 53 percent of US Facebook users are now 35  or older, while 69 percent of Instagram users are over 35.
  • Growing average revenue per user has taken over user growth as the most valued metric to measure social media success.
  • Social media networks are putting video first, with Facebook’s introduction of live videos, Twitter’s native video publisher, and Pinterest and LinkedIn’s new video features.

6 how-to strategies for content promotion – The Content Marketing Institute
Having amazing content is crucial, but if it's not reaching your audience you won’t receive the returns you expected. Knowing how to promote your content is almost as important as being able to create it. Here are six of the best ways to promote your content, including: sharing with communities, buying cheap ads, and link building.

Thinking outside the blog: how content can power omnichannel marketing efforts - News Cred
News Cred’s article describes how marketers should aim for a seamless and personalised interaction with the consumer across channels, with their content hub at the centre. “The brands succeeding at omnichannel marketing are the ones that are placing the customer at the center of their marketing efforts and using content to architect and measure their journeys effectively.”

New from us

How to write a cracking case study: 4 tips from a management consultant and seasoned case study author
Are dull, unstructured case studies costing you sales opportunities? Here's how to write your next case study like a professional.

Spellcheck isn't enough: Why the best writers use human proofreaders
Ever feel like you do your best proofreading after hitting the send button? We've been there too. But is there really a difference between using Microsoft Word's spellcheck and engaging a professional proofreader?

As an agency that offers free proofreading of all final approved client documents, our answer is a resounding yes. So, we asked our go-to proofreader, Lisa Teasdale, to explain why behind every great writer, is a brilliant proofreader. 

Copywriting tip of the week

Copywriting tip

It sounds simple and it IS. Write it DOWN. Granted, your first attempt may not be your final draft but just getting the 'guts' of the piece down is a great start.

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