Your weekly content writing wrap - #31

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Case study: Red Bull – social media empire – Surf Pacific
Red Bull is a true pioneer in the content marketing space. The energy drink brand created a movement of extreme sports, aligning the brand with all things extreme and bringing to life its slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings”. Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, Red Bull has amassed millions of followers through its adventure, sports and lifestyle content that corresponds with the audiences interests.

The marketer’s toolbox: the 60 marketing tools we use at Buffer – Buffer
In 2017, marketers need to be up to date with the latest marketing software. More and more tools are being created to help marketers with their everyday tasks. The team at Buffer share their 60 favourites. From task coordination to data, design to security; buffer has you covered.

What is the difference between content and content marketing? – The Content Marketing Institute.
A common misconception amongst marketers; content is the same as content marketing. The Content Marketing Institute’s article provides an insightful perspective on what differs content from content marketing. CMI’s answer – “the destination you will use to attract and build an audience.” Content comes in many forms, but content marketing means owning the platform on which your audience interacts with content. By creating a place for your audience to engage with content, you can market directly to your audience rather than through a third party’s platform.

How brands can build the perfect freelance team - Contently
“Companies cut back on costs with the freelance model because instead of hiring a handful of generalists with limited experience, they gain access to dozens of diverse creatives who have dedicated their careers to specialised storytelling.” Contently has created an infographic that helps to explain how it finds talent teams for its clients. Also discussed in this article is how a skilled freelance team can be more effective than hiring internal writers.

Why the future of marketing is curiosity not creation - Convince and Convert
Big thinker, Jay Baer discusses how robot assistants will soon be changing the roles of marketers. As cognitive technology begins to take over the more labour intensive tasks, marketers will be able to direct their attention towards curiosity and breaking the barriers. “The successful marketers of the near future will be those that understand what is possible, and how to optimally structure the feeds, sequences, and triggers necessary to maximize the benefits of the real-time technology at their disposal.”

New from us

Meet our team: Angela McPhillips (content writer and consultant)

Meet Angela! With a background in education and government, she has a knack for making technical concepts interesting and easy to digest. We love Angela for her writing skills, warmth, and the fact that she's the mum of our business development lead, James!

Copywriting tip

Copywriting tip

When writing headlines, subheads and body copy, don't use words that avoid a direct command - we call these weasel words. These include 'may', 'maybe', 'hope', 'wish', 'try', 'but', 'could', 'perhaps' and 'strive'. Instead, use words like 'will' and 'does' to describe what your product or service will or can do for your reader.

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