Your weekly content writing wrap - #3

Mint Content weekly content writing wrap

What we've been reading

Why chief marketing officers are dropping like flies - Ad Age
"In interviews with a dozen CMOs and CEOs, Russell Reynolds concluded that there were eight distinct factors - but if I were pressed to summarise them, it would be 'Digital, digital, digital, digital, digital, digital, digital, and CEOs making scapegoats out of CMOs to buy more time to deal with digital.'"

Discover where your competitors are beating you online - HubSpot
Do you really know how your company compares to your competitors? This four-step guide can help identify what you're doing well, and areas to improve. 

Almost no-one really knows how Facebook's trending algorithm works, but here's an idea - Nieman Lab
After laying off its 26 contract news editors and curators, a team of engineers now oversee Facebook's trending algorithm. And according to news reports and Facebook patents, "mentions" are now a critical component to the algorithm.

What are the steps to building a successful email marketing campaign? - Quora
Lots of good advice in this thread, but do a search for "social media marketing" to find the best stuff, like this:

"You might have a perception that your social media followers and your email recipients may have completely different profiles. But once you find that sweet spot that would make your email recipients become your social followers, you'll find that both areas of the business will significantly boom."

Out-of-the-box ideas to crush a trade show -
Build a feedback loop into a giveaway by making contestants log in to your website to view the results. You gain an opportunity to communicate and keep the conversation going. 

How Elizabeth Holmes's house of cards came tumbling down - Vanity Fair
Few companies had a better story to tell than Theranos - until it all unravelled. Elizabeth Holmes and her technology may be flawed, but there's no denying she knows how to weave a powerful narrative. 

New from us

Header image how to turn failed business proposals into opportunity

How to turn failed business proposals into opportunity
Losing a business proposal doesn't have to totally suck. James McPhillips explains the best way to learn from the experience. 

Video: 10 instantly actionable tips for improving your CV
Every week, selected Mint Content blog posts are made into videos. This week, we explain how to update your CV and make recruiters pay attention. 

Tips for successful digital transformation: how IT pros are leading the way to business success
With IT teams largely responsible for its success, digital transformation has plunged IT professionals into the spotlight - for all the right reasons. Writing in Dynamic Business, Amy examines the challenges of spearheading an organisation's digital transformation, and how they can be overcome.

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