Your weekly content writing wrap - #29

Content writing

What we've been reading 

Visual content marketing 2017: trends that will attract + resonate with your audience – News Cred
'We’re in a golden age of visuals, and content is king… 2017 is all about images that are bold, impactful, and evocative.' Virtual reality and 360-degree video create a new realm of engagement with your audience, allowing them to experience your service through first person content. Bright and multi-coloured images have replaced the retro filter trend, while authentic and unfiltered imagery has returned. Visuals that push boundaries of gender roles and national and cultural borders also resonate deeply with the 2017 audience.

Blogging for SEO: how to write blogs that rank on page one - HubSpot
Did you know that 92 percent of all Google searches end on page one? Engaging content is important, but writing for SEO will get traffic to your site. There are certain simple tricks you can use while writing your blogs that will help them rank on page one. 

Virgin Media: the paragon of brand storytelling? - Econsultancy
Virgin uses consistent storytelling across its enormous portfolio. is a platform to tell stories of innovation, business, travel and music rather than promote the brand's products. This article discusses Virgin's vast storytelling efforts - an insightful read.

Why marketers struggle to hire the best freelance writers - Contently
'Being an expert and communicating expertise are two very different things. Clients that fixate on finding the perfect professional who can also write tend to struggle. Companies that understand the value of quality writing and subject-matter expertise usually execute successfully on their content plans right from the start.’

How to create a brilliant newsletter people want to read – The Content Marketing Institute
When newsletters are done well, they generate leads and nurture relationships with audiences. If your newsletter is not created strategically, however, it will become spam. Your audience won't just neglect it - they'll despise it. The Content Marketing Institute’s article provides tips for creating newsletters that your audience will want to open. The tips include adding personality, personalising and going niche.

New from us

5 quick thoughts on long-term thinking, control and the overlap between content and fitness mindsets

"Life and business become so much easier if you move yourself towards long term thinking in habit and lifestyle, fitness, investing in yourself, your people and your customers." Catch up on James' latest LinkedIn posts in our monthly round up.

Meet our team: Simone Allen (content writer)

Our talented wordsmith Simone tells us about her life working as a tech content writer for Mint Content while she lives in the South of France!

Copywriting tip of the week

Copywriting tip

Don't be boring. Yes, it seems obvious but it's often overlooked. Think about your audience - we are a nation of skimmers. Would you read something that bored the socks off you? We guess not. Be bold, tell a story, make it funny...anything, just don't make it yawn-worthy.

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