Your weekly content writing wrap - #27

Content marketing

What we've been reading 

How Ikea became kings of content marketing – Contently
Amazingly, Ikea’s content strategy goes far further than printing 200 million copies of its catalogue each year. The company has had an extensive and successful string of content ventures that have engaged customers for the last decade. By staying relevant, using humour, fostering inspiration, and providing helpful hints, Ikea has become the king of content marketing. Some great content campaigns mentioned in this article include: iPhone 7 bookbook parody, the ‘Easy To Assemble’ web series, and Share Space.

Social media demographics to inform a better segmentation strategy – Sprout Social
This extensive guide provides invaluable insights into social media platforms and demographics. These insights will give marketers the information they need to design a more effective social media segmentation strategy.

30+ ultimate headline formulas for tweets, posts, articles, and emails - Buffer
Deliciously interesting headlines are crucial for attracting website traffic, with five times as many people reading the headline than the body copy. Believe or not, you don't have to resort to shameless click baiting. Buffer’s article outlines the most effective headline formulas to team with psychologically proven headline strategies.

The go-to glossary for marketers needing to brush up on AI – Ad Age
For those of us who are a little behind on the machine takeover, Ad Age lends a helping hand. This article gives a basic description of common types of AI used in the marketing world today, and describes how it can be used to benefit a marketer. From chatbots to natural language processing and recommendation curating, this article speaks AI in a marketers language.

Ann Handley on how to make your writing ‘ludicrously spectacular’ – The Content Marketing Institute
Best-selling author Ann Handley argues that being a great writer isn’t the product of magic or a gift. Instead, she claims ‘ludicrously spectacular’ writing involvesshowing up every day and doing the work’. Handley goes on to provide tips on how everyone can be a better writer, including; researching, drafting, and finding your voice.

Copywriting tip of the week 


To engage your readers it's an absolute must to inject personality! Working for a 'boring' or 'dull' brand is no excuse - companies like PayPal and Merriam-Webster have been successfully injecting personality into their work for years. 

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