Your weekly content writing wrap - #26

Content writing

What we've been reading 

7 tips for marketing a ‘boring’ brand on social media – Hootsuite
Social media platforms are often viewed as 'fun' and 'entertaining', which means brands with less than exciting offerings may avoid dedicating time and resources into social. Hootsuite shows how ‘boring’ brands can be more interesting on social media, providing tips and examples of boring businesses doing it right. (Hint – storytelling, being memorable and educating your audience).

How to create a content marketing editorial calendar - Marketing Insider Group
A content marketing editorial calendar can help you to have a more consistent, organised and powerful content strategy. Marketing Insider Group explain how to break up your editorial content into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals.

How tech is turning CMOs into Chief Collaboration Officers – The Next Web
The transforming marketing industry is completely revolutionising the role of CMO. Although customers are becoming less predictable, there is opportunity for marketers to solve the issue with technology. With technology comes data - "We can use these insights for precision marketing to create a one-on-one relationship with our customers…this data can be turned into actionable insights. And when matched with great creativity, that’s where the magic happens."

8 (more) absolutely brilliant content marketing innovations from the world’s best brands – The Content Marketing Institute
When you’re lacking inspiration, it always helps to look at what the pros are doing. Here are eight lessons learnt from successful and innovative content campaigns, including Random House’s inspiration boards, Coca Cola’s personalised products and Wholefood’s health education. 

11 storytelling formulas to supercharge your social media marketing
Storytelling is an essential ingredient in your brand's content marketing recipe. However, many brands either don't use it, or are unsure how to serve it. Storytelling formulas can vary depending on your intentions. This extensive article details formulas with examples to help tell your story in the best possible way.

New from us

Every marketer's guide to avoiding decision fatigue
Marketers spend their day making critical decisions: What should our content strategy be? What digital channels should we be focusing on? How do we make our brand different from our competitors? Don't let yourself fall prey to decision fatigue.

Copywriting tip of the week 

Copywriting tip

That's right, break the rules.

Think about the language your audience will respond to. If it's not 'proper English', don't write that way. Use slang and relevant abbreviations where applicable.

Speaking directly to your client or customer in language they’ll easily understand is always more important than writing by the book.

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