Your weekly content writing wrap - #25

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What we've been reading

Beauty matters: 3 tips to create attractive blog posts – The Content Marketing Institute
Looks do matter when convincing someone to invest time and effort in reading your blog. Content Marketing Institute describes how to create a visually appealing blog post with an awe-inspiring headline, attractive formatting, and polishing off the description and social media posts. The article explains how an attractive blog post can "increase reader engagement, drive backlinks from top-ranking blogs, lead Google to shine on your site with better rankings, and make your brand look more professional (and trustworthy)."

99 years of content marketing: How American Express became a major American publisher - Contently
An interesting read on how American Express introduced content marketing into its strategy a century ago. Its use of travel guides from 1915 positioned the business as “The World’s Largest Travel Company”. The brochures turned into popular travel magazine Travel & Leisure, e later taken over by TIME Inc. American Express' content marketing efforts evolved with the times and the company, and helped create the corporate giant it is today.

Why brands need a Gen Z marketing strategy - Mumbrella
Guest poster Mark Henning explains the importance of a Generation Z marketing strategy. Gen Z make up 20% of the population, have a large disposable income and influence market trends. This presents a crucial market, however, Gen Z are skeptical of advertisements and respond negatively to techniques that minimise the individual's control. Brands that can involve and give control to Gen Z through the right platforms, will positively engage this age group. 

Instagram launches Instagram stories: Everything you need to know on Instagram’s excellent new feature – Buffer
Instagram’s new stories feature gives businesses an opportunity to engage more with their audience without clogging their feeds. Buffer provides an extensive guide for marketers on how to use Instagram stories and what they should be doing to engage their audience. This article suggests brands use Instagram stories to share behind the scenes content, host an influencer takeover, increase communication and post timely content.

Analysis paralysis: Using Google Analytics data as inspiration to act now - Kissmetrics
Kissmetrics explain how Google Analytics can help you consistently create engaging content. Google Analytics provides key engagement metrics - bounce rate, pages/session, average session length and conversion rate. Understanding how to find and interpret this data can paint a picture of what content you should create to engage readers.

New from us

5 quick thoughts on blockchain, viral content and bad recruitment videos
Our business development lead, James, reads more than almost anyone we know. (We're talking 70+ books a year.) Check out his latest thoughts on blockchain, viral content and bad recruitment videos.

James mcphillips mint content

Meet our team: James McPhillips (business development lead)
Business development lead James McPhillips shares his thoughts on his role, a typical day in the office and the challenges facing marketers today.

Copywriting tip of the week 

Copywriting tip

This one should really be a no brainer but it can be hard to let go of the urge to sell, sell sell. Nobody wants a hard sell. Your potential clients and customers will make their decisions based on the quality of content they are receiving. If you've written informative content and presented it in an appealing way, they will be more likely to choose you.

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