Your weekly content writing wrap - #24

Content marketing

What we've been reading

Why you need to leverage customer testimonials on your website - Vistaprint
One of the most powerful and accessible forms of content marketing is right under your nose – customer testimonials. If you’re doing a good job and your customers are satisfied, you should use customer testimonials. Vistaprint explain how using testimonials can provide social proof, pique interest in your brand and show appreciation for your customers.

How experiential marketing works: 7 enlightening tips – HubSpot
As marketing evolves into a value sharing industry, experiential marketing is increasingly important. People talk about remarkable experiences and the brands that create them, both in real life and on social media. In this article, HubSpot breaks down why brands should use experiential marketing and provides tips on how to include it in a marketing campaign. Some of the ideas we liked included using VR & 360 video, having an educational experience, and allowing audiences to create something.

All you need to know about Instagram takeovers: How to host a takeover in 6 simple steps – Buffer
An Instagram takeover is when a brand gives a guest temporary access to their Instagram account. Takeovers are an exciting and fresh way to engage audiences, and can include inviting influencers, employees & customers to create content on behalf of the brand. As Buffer explains, this increases brand awareness, and audience engagement and is mutually beneficial as “the host gets someone who can bring value to their followers while the guest gets to reach a new audience with their content.” 

6 content ideas every marketer should steal from IBM – The Content Marketing Institute
They say that great artists steal. On occasion, great content marketers should steal too. IBM is a pioneer of software content marketing, and in this article, IBM’s Andrea Ames shares her secrets on a killer content marketing campaign. “When you realise that content has a bigger relationship-building potential than talking to a person, that’s huge. Your content is your sales opportunity."

Content marketing tactics that work : eBooks - TopRank
Ebooks are a popular content marketing tool, as they're “much more visually appealing than a white paper, yet more serious than an infographic.” Ebooks let businesses communicate complicated information to stakeholders, while also demonstrating industry expertise. TopRank outlines the pros and cons of using ebooks, as well as a look at superstar examples and tips for best practices.

New from us

It's time to end the gated vs. ungated content debate
The gated versus ungated content debate has been going on for far too long, and it's high time we addressed it. By addressing it, we mean running through the pros and cons of each approach and providing our take on how to use this content marketing tactic effectively. What are your thoughts? Do you love or loathe gated content? 

Copywriting tip of the week


SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a crucial part of any content marketing piece, but people should ALWAYS come first. Why? Because your writing should appeal to people, not bots. 

In saying that, content should always be search optimised to help reach your target demographic. A few quick tips to get you started: 

  • Research trending keywords
  • Use keywords to write copy (think heading 1, sub headings, paragraph copy and alt tags for images)
  • Analyse and optimise for next time

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