Your weekly content writing wrap - #23

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What we've been reading

The 7 most creative uses of 360 video by brands - HootSuite
We all know video is super engaging, but adding 360-degree views helps brands give audiences a real taste of their services and products. In this article, HootSuite shows how Expedia did this successfully by taking viewers on an immersive journey through Australia, showing the stunning landscapes on a tour of the country. BMW let its viewers experience the thrill of driving its race cars at mischievous speeds while Warner Bros invited viewers into its haunted house in promotion of The Conjuring 2.

The two vocabularies (because there are two audiences) – Seth Godin’s Blog
Seth Godin explains how simple differences in your business vocabulary can grab the attention of different types of people. Get it wrong and you won't reach your target market. For example, using words like new, innovative, limited, and breakthrough will attract early adopters and scare away the late majority. However, if you are trying to target the late majority and laggards, you need to be using words such as tested, established, proven and guaranteed.

How to create the ultimate branded content style guide – The Content Marketing Institute
For more coordinated content, you need a brand content style guide. Here's how to make one. A style guide is beneficial in “ensuring that your content reflects and expresses your brand essence or voice”. This post outlines the basic components of a content style guide: brand attributes, style and tone, style rules, and examples of how to use the brand voice effectively. 

The 7 deadly sins of business blogging - Entrepreneur
Businesses are increasingly starting blogs to generate new business and authority in their niches. However, many start a blog without the intention of maintaining it, or putting in the effort needed to make the blog effective. In this article, Entrepreneur outlines the critical sins that many business blogs are guilty of, including having boring content, boring headlines, a lack of visuals and failure to promote content.

The generational content gap: how different age groups consume content – Marketing Land
How do 1200 people of separate age groups respond to different types of content? Understanding what types of content are most effective in engaging your target audience is crucial for successful marketing. Some interesting insights from the article are summarised in the infographic below, but I recommend reading the article for more in depth statistics!

Content age differences

New from us

Meet our team: Bronte Mann (marketing and social media assistant)
This week was about me! I share why I got involved with Mint, what I love about it and what I do outside of my Mint life. Have a read to learn a bit more about the person behind the screen and watch out for more posts about our team.

Copywriting tip of the week


Keep it simple! If you can't explain your idea simply, you don't understand it well enough. Honestly, people lose interest quickly. Get to the point!

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