Your weekly content writing wrap - #22

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What we've been reading 

Grow your Pinterest following: 5 simple steps for brands – The Content Marketing Institute
Pinterest is a unique social media platform often ignored by brands. Although its reach may not be that of Facebook or Twitter, users are seeking inspiration, things to buy and create, meaning they are open to marketing and will perceive your business message loud and clear. In this article, The Content Marketing Institute give us 5 simple steps on making a Pinterest account for your business, as well as how to promote posts and use the platform strategically.

Viral trends: a practical guide for marketers - Hootsuite
Using viral trends in your marketing strategy is great – until it isn’t. Although a powerful tool for connecting with customers, staying relevant and personifying your brand with a sense of humour, companies often get it wrong. Thankfully, Hootsuite has the low down on how to keep your business trendy.

Powerful storytelling secrets from National Geographic Travel – Buffer
Sure, the beautiful images of paradise destinations are a large contributor to National Geographic Travel’s success, but what else can businesses learn from its techniques? National Geographic takes people where no one else has been before. With each post, followers are intrigued, inspired, and learn something new. This storytelling approach has given the brand a vast and loyal group of followers, eager to consume their content. Have a listen to Buffer’s podcast interview with National Geographic’s Lindsay Smith and get inspired!

How Flywheel, Lululemon, and Camelbak engage users with interactive content marketing strategies – Forbes
Learn about customer engagement from the tactics of some of the best in the game. Forbes take a look at the content marketing strategies of Flywheel, Lululemon and Camelback and break down the common ingredients of their success. Camelback provides educational tips relevant to their markets interest, Lululemon engages with countless brand ambassadors and Flywheel provides customers with a resourceful fitness blog.

Are you an intelligent marketer? – HubSpot
HubSpot provides an interesting infographic on how companies are use marketing intelligence (or fail to), and the ROI of marketing analytics. “Organisations with highly analytical marketing departments enjoy substantially higher results as measured by business close rates on marketing generated leads, revenue improvements, and margins per customer.” The infographic organises marketers into the following categories: intelligent, insightful and intuitive - have a read and find out which one you are.

New from us

How to build a winning personal brand in 2017
Inside or outside business hours, if you want a strong personal brand you have to constantly work on it, writes Amy Birchall. Do you think personal branding is important for business success?

Copywriting tip of the week

copywriting tip

Don't be boring. Yes it seems obvious but it's so often overlooked. Think about your audience, we are a nation of skimmers. Would you read something that bored the socks off you? We guess not. Be bold, tell a story, make it funny...anything, just don't make it yawn worthy.

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