Your weekly content writing wrap - #21

Content Round Up

What we've been reading

The story behind GoPro’s radical user generated content marketing strategy – Gorilla 360
Ever dreamt of a marketing strategy that is inexpensive, low maintenance and creates high customer involvement? GoPro has it mastered with its highly successful user generated content strategy, which helped the small company become a worldwide name. Sharing user generated content has not only spread brand awareness for GoPro, but also created higher involvement and stronger relationships between GoPro and their customers. GoPro now fosters interaction and empower their customers instantly with just a hashtag - #GoPro.

Bad writing costs businesses billions – The Daily Beast
In this article, The Daily Beast quantifies the amount of time and resources are lost to bad writing. The ineffective, ambiguous and uninspiring writing that workers spend 22 percent of their time reading through, costs US business nearly 400 billion dollars a year. “Recognise that everybody reads on a screen now—either a smartphone or a computer screen. That reduces attention spans and concentration, which in turn demands a radical rethink of the way you communicate in writing. In this environment, brevity must become a core value.

5 dangerous myths about marketing automation - HubSpot
Still think marketing automation means you can schedule a post then sit back and relax? HubSpot provides a much needed reality check with common myths amongst marketers about marketing automation. “Nurturing your leads is an ongoing process and marketing automation can help that process by synching your strategy throughout all of your efforts (blog, social media, email, forms, etc.), helping to organise your plan of attack. That being said, remember, your plan of attack is just that—a plan”

YouTube Tips: how one entrepreneur grew from 0 to 23 million views - Hootsuite
Does earning between $35,000 and $75,000 per month for sharing your passion with others appeal to you? Thought it would! Graham Cochrane, YouTube entrepreneur and founder of The Recording Revolution, does just that and shares his secrets in this article. Cochrane discusses his large following, promotion on YouTube, creating new content, and keeping his followers happy. 

Company culture content – Sprout Social
A simple and effective, yet often overlooked content strategy, is using company culture content as part of your marketing efforts. As Sarah Nagel of Sprout Social explains, sharing real stories of the people behind your company humanises your brand, whilst also “fostering a culture of employee advocacy."

New from us

Canberra Business Writers: February meet-up and drinks
Mint's Amy Birchall is co-organiser of Canberra Business Writers, a community for anyone who writes for business in Canberra. The first CBwR event is coming up next week, with a focus on goals and intentions for the coming year. Come along to Joe's at East Hotel from 6pm on 16 Feb to meet other writers, clarify your 2017 business goals and build your network of writers and editors to work with in the New Year. More info and to register.

Copywriting tip of the week 

Copywriting tip

Are you selling a product, or the problem it solves? As the great Richard Branson said: "How can I make peoples lives a lot better? If you get that right, the money will come."

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