Your weekly content writing wrap - #2

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What we've been reading

9 different types of lead magnets you can create for blogs you already have
Capture prospect details with less effort by following these commonsense tips from HubSpot. No creating content from scratch required. 

A lesson on product pricing from The Middle Finger Project
"It’s much easier to justify spending a hundred dollars and some change (we write off the second half of the number) than two hundred dollars—even if the difference is only one dollar. Once you put the two in front of it, you’ve changed the game."

Swiss designer Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka swissmiss) on the value of side projects
“Believe in side projects…I would never hire anyone who doesn’t have side projects. To me, that shows that someone has ideas, self-initiative, and can make things happen.”

Scott Adams on re-thinking how to make change happen
"Thanks to the power of social media, any good idea – from anyone – has a solid chance of bubbling up to national attention... And once a proposal reaches the mainstream media, our politicians are forced to deal with it." It works for policy issues. Try it with your content strategy too.

Job hunting? Follow these tips from Mikael Syding
Don't stand out. Don't propose genocide (yes, really). Show that you're interested in day-to-day tasks as well as the financial benefits. This post is written specifically for finance workers, but applicable to people in most industries.

New from us

header image - content strategy lessons from Penang Bridge

What the longest bridge in Southeast Asia can teach marketers about content strategy
Penang Bridge 2 is the longest in Southeast Asia. The foundations extend 100 metres into the bedrock. Experts say the bridge will stand for 120 years, even if struck by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. 

The bridge is a fine feat of human achievement. But in many ways, it has failed to meet expectations. We explain the content strategy lessons for marketers.  

Video: 3 quick tips for lead nurture success
Every week, selected Mint Content blog posts are made into videos. This week, Amy explains her top three tips for lead nurture campaign success.

That's all for this week. Happy Friday!