Your weekly content writing wrap - #19

Content Marketing

What we’ve been reading

Templates, e-books and blogs – which email content gets clicked through the most - Bluewire
With industry-average click through rates at just 4 percent, Bluewire reveals how it increased its click through rate to 60 percent.

Operating on a shoestring? 20 inexpensive ways to market your business - Entrepreneur
Deciding where to allocate your limited marketing budget can be a challenging task. Kim Grast outlines cheap and effective ways to market your business, such as maintaining an insightful blog to nurture relationships, or contributing to an industry magazine as free promotion.

Which blogging tactics produce the strongest results? - HubSpot
Ever wondered what makes some business blogs so successful, while others struggle to gain recognition? In this article, HubSpot takes a look at 3 years of research into the tactics of over 1000 business bloggers. Insightful recommendations are made of how much time you should put into your blog, as well as how to promote it and measure your ROI.

A complete guide to Instagram marketing - Buffer 
Instagram allows your business to tell its story visually and engage with a much larger percentage of your followers than Facebook or Twitter. However, as Facebook and Twitter lead the pack of social media business platforms, some businesses are missing the opportunity to reach their market on Instagram. In this article, Ash Read of Buffer App breaks down how to strategise and implement your Instagram campaign, as well as providing examples of companies currently benefitting from Instagram marketing.

Why customer experience is the ultimate marketing tool - Convince and Convert
With advances in technology, the power shift from producer to consumer means businesses need to conquer the customer experience. Effective customer experience is personalised, adaptable and continues throughout the customer life cycle. This article explains how businesses can keep up with and surpass their competition by focusing on the customer experience.

New from us

6 easy ways to reinvent your resume for Australian recruiters
We spend a lot of time reviewing resumes from job seekers hoping to find work in Australia. Increasingly, we've been contacted by people frustrated because the resume that has landed them jobs before hasn’t led to job success in Australia. Sound familiar? Try these tips.

Copywriting tip of the week

Copywriting tip

As straightforward as this seems, many companies fail to reflect this principle in their web copy. Instead of saying “We do inbound marketing” try something like “Increase your web traffic and leads with irresistible content.”

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