Your weekly content writing wrap - #18

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What we've been reading

5 search engine optimisation trends for 2017 – The Next Web
With ever-changing search engine algorithms, its crucial your business evolves its SEO strategy in tandem. This article explains how to use accelerated mobile pages, artificial intelligence, user experience optimisation and more.

How to find your social media marketing voice: the best examples, questions and guides – Buffer Blog
A crucial, yet often-overlooked element of your social media presence is a unique social media voice. Author Kevan Lee provides insightful tips on how to find yours. “Voice is a mission statement. Tone is the application of that mission," he writes.

Blogging for business: forget marketing, think customer service - How to write better
If you’re struggling to create more meaningful relationships with your customers through your business blog, you might need to change your angle: “Considering blogging for business as part of a customer service remit, rather than a marketing strategy, could alter the approach and increase the engagement from online readers.”

5 steps for creating successful lead nurturing campaigns – HubSpot
Lead nurturing is a powerful tool, but it can sometimes be dismissed as too complex. HubSpot’s article breaks up lead nurturing into five simple steps: defining your audience, offering value, setting objectives, organising a timeline, and evaluating success.

Not generating leads from your website? Here's what you're likely missing - Forbes
“Your business has a great product and your initial customers love it. You define your target market and aggressively advertise to it. People visit your website, but you aren't able to generate any leads or close any sales. What’s wrong?” Rehan Fernando explains how to generate leads by aligning your firm with your company story.

New from us

Video: How we work with tender response writing clients
Any business owner intimidated by the process of going for government tenders need not be. This video explains how we work with our own clients, with a few extra tips and tricks for businesses that want to go at it solo.

Copywriting tip of the week

Copywriting tip

This sounds simple and it is. 

  • ✔️ Write down what you want your audience to feel or do once they finish the piece.
  • ✔️ Keep this front of mind during the writing process and let it guide the overall structure.

Taking the time to workshop your goals prior to beginning is key to writing a piece that converts.

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