Your weekly content writing wrap - #16

content round up

What we've been reading

New writer? Don’t fall for these 5 blogging myths - Startup Grind
"The topic of blogging isn’t immune to misinformation and myths. In fact, these myths are so common that you may even believe they’re true."

How to validate your blog post topics: a three-step process - HubSpot
Just because you think a blog post topic is interesting and good for search engine optimisation doesn’t always mean it will resonate with your audience. Here's how to make sure your next post hits the mark. 

10 unconventional ways to achieve full focus - David Kadavy
"Many people dream of superhuman productivity. The best you can hope for, really, is to always be fully-focused in the task at hand."

Top 30 most commonly confused words in the English language - Grammarly
Are your readers disinterested or uninterested? Do your blog posts elicit empathy or sympathy from your target audience? A handy list of commonly confused words, even for expert writers.

Why data is the real MVP: 7 examples of data-driven storytelling by leading brands - HubSpot
When used properly, data can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, track the overall health of your brand and help to spark new content ideas. This post shares examples of brands using data to fuel compelling and shareable stories. 

New from us

This week we've been working on a couple of panel responses, press releases, blog posts and a how-to guide, as well as an in-depth article about business trends for one of our Singapore clients. Here's what else is new...

Video: 3 marketing mistakes every company should avoid
No matter what industry you work in, getting your brand's message heard isn't easy. In this episode of Mint Conversations, we discuss three common marketing mistakes that impact sales, brand awareness and conversions.

My Christmas: Amy Birchall
With Christmas only a few weeks away, Mint Content's Amy Birchall shared what she loves most about the festive season with Canberra news website The RiotACT. 

It's all about the headline

Copywriting tip of the week

If you want to entice your readers, spend some time crafting a headline that grabs their attention. For daily tips on how to improve your content marketing outcomes, follow Mint Content on Facebook

That's all from us. Have a great Friday and weekend!