Your weekly content writing wrap - #15

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What we've been reading

Write now: The lost art of copywriting - Campaign
Paul Burke, an award-winning copywriter and novelist who has worked at J. Walter Thompson, BMP DDB and Y&R, gives his take on the state of copywriting in advertising today.

3 often overlooked digital marketing truths - Social Media Today 
Depressing but true news for content writers that strive for greatness: quality is a relative term. If your readers love clickbait articles and mindless listicles, and they respond to those types of content, make more of it. It's why Buzzfeed is worth $1.5 billion, after all. 

More load on the arch - The Art of Manliness
A timely piece about developing healthy tension in your life (i.e. meaningful hobbies or side hustles instead of burdensome deadlines and responsibilities). "While we often think we are unhappy because we have too many things to do, the problem in fact is that we typically don’t have enough. At least of the right kind." 

Why SEO should always complement your content marketing - Search Engine Land
Tips for integrating SEO and content marketing to better serve your target audience. "You’ll predict their questions — and answer them even before doubts pop up in their minds. Armed with predictions based on keyword research to uncover customer intent, you’ll be able to incorporate an element of psychology into your content, which will impress and delight your customers."

Copywriting vs. content writing [infographic] - Digital Marketing Philippines 
What's the difference between copywriting and content writing? This infographic summarises the key differences and similarities.

This is how I do my longreads - Sarah Wilson 
"Do you, like me, find it hard to longread? Which is to say, do you find it hard to read long, mindful articles that have been crafted carefully and go in deep, thus requiring more words and focus than a clickbait-y grab? Yes? I’ve realised the importance of ensuring I do in fact longread on a regular basis. In part to train my brain into more discerning thinking."

New from us 

This week we've been responding to last-minute content requests before the Christmas shutdown period. It's been a whirlwind of phone interviews, content strategy planning, tender response writing and case study creation. We're also working on a new content development engagement model for IT and professional services firms, which we'll introduce before the year is out. 

Mint Conversations: How to get maximum return on your content marketing investment
FACT: It takes about 18 months to see a return on content marketing spend. So what can marketers do to speed up the process and make sure they get results? Check out the first instalment of our latest YouTube series, Mint Conversations, to find out. 

blogging tip - blog consistently

Copywriting tip of the week

Blog consistently, not sporadically. In a HubSpot survey, 82 percent of marketers who blogged daily reported acquiring at least one customer via their blog, compared to 57 percent who were only blogging monthly.

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