Your weekly content writing wrap - #14

mint content weekly wrap

What we've been reading

It's time to stop making excuses about content budgets - Forbes
"29 percent of brands’ total marketing budget is spent on content marketing alone. Thirty-nine percent of marketers anticipate that budget will increase, while 45 percent say it will stay the same. These numbers show that your competitors are getting their acts together and making room for content marketing in their budgets while you sit in the corner making budget excuses."

How to use content marketing to enhance brand perception - Content Marketing Institute
Are you focusing on product-centric communication, or customer-centric communication? If you're in the B2B world, chances are it's the former. Here's how to fix it - and why. 

What's the future of data-centric marketing? - Forbes
Gartner's 2016 hype cycle for digital marketing and advertising is out. The future will be defined by real-time marketing techniques, personalisation, the use of contextual clues and the rapid convergence of marketing technology and advertising technology. Exciting times. 

How to achieve authenticity in your marketing - Influence&Co
"At some point, it became commonplace to suppress our humanity at work. And when we can break through that (one tallied-and-replaced buzzword at a time), we can restore some of the personality that makes our interactions more authentic."

5 essential enablers for any business strategy - Andrew Thorpe
"Too often the process starts with someone saying, 'we need a strategy!' It could be the first line of a comedy movie. What follows is a series of disasters following this cliched trigger. You can already picture scenes of corporate retreats, painful working groups and confused employees." Don't let this happen to your organisation. 

6 quick tips for writing emails that actually get stuff done - Grammarly
Keep it short. Break up your text. Include a call to action. It's common sense stuff, but when it comes to email communication, these tips are often overlooked. 

New from us

It's been a massive week at Mint Content HQ. We've welcomed another IT services firm to the Mint Content family, and started work on the first piece of work - a tender response for a government project. We've been busy writing blog posts, press releases, white papers and newsletters for our fabulous regular clients in Sydney, Canberra and Singapore; and started planning our marketing campaigns for 2017. 

This weekend's plans: Netflix, brunch and a sleep-in! See what we're up to on Instagram

don't outsource writing overseas

Why we don't outsource our writing overseas - and neither should you
As a business owner or marketing manager, you’ve likely outsourced many tasks to a freelancer. We’re guessing you’ve also toyed around with hiring an overseas content writer. But is it the best thing for your business?

copywriting tip simplify

Copywriting tip of the week

Turn complex stuff into simple copy. The reader will thank you for it by actually reading your piece to the end! For daily tips on how to improve your content marketing outcomes, follow Mint Content on Facebook

That's all from us. Have a great Friday and weekend!