Your weekly content writing wrap - #12

weekly content writing wrap

What we've been reading

5 things to include in your brand's content guidelines - Marketo
If a writer produces a beautifully written thought leadership piece, but your goal was to generate leads for a webinar, can you blame them for missing the mark if you never communicated your goals? No. Brand content guidelines help marketers and writers nail great content faster. Trust us.

How do you measure your content marketing? Content Marketing Institute
It typically takes 18 months to see bottom line results from content marketing. Here are some actually useful tips for measuring success. 

5 reasons you need a content marketing strategy right now - Entrepreneur
You probably know it's not ideal to haphazardly produce content without first devising a strategy. But do you know why? Neil Patel shares five reasons to avoid jumping in blind.

On (bad) content marketing - Armand David
Yes, bad content marketing exists. But that's no reason to abandon your own efforts. 

Meta descriptions: the what, why and how - HubSpot
A powerful meta description can make or break a web page's search ranking. Here's how to write a good one - and why it matters. 

11 powerful copywriting tips from the experts - Brandon Gaille
Copywriting isn't just for the David Ogilvys of the world. If you have a website, you should master the copywriting basics. 

New from us

This week at Mint Content, we caught US election fever (if you're surprised by the outcome, check out bid manager James McPhillips' LinkedIn series explaining what makes Trump a master persuader).

When we finally managed to tear ourselves away from the election coverage, we:

  • Wrote a couple of ebooks for a managed IT services client
  • Put the finishing touches on an infographic for a US courier delivery company
  • Breathed new life into two outdated corporate performance management case studies
  • Proofread a mammoth slide deck for one of our lovely consulting clients
  • Submitted the first version of a business intelligence white paper
  • Developed a video script for a tourism campaign
  • Learned all about technology headaches in the construction industry
  • Designed, wrote and distributed three client newsletters
  • Booked our second job for January 2017 - we have limited availability in December and Jan, so get in touch to avoid missing out. 

We also worked on these:

How to reach a new level of digital transformation in the workplace - Fast Business
There's more to digital transformation than reducing paper use. To achieve maximum return on investment, Mint Content's Amy Birchall explains why businesses need to go beyond the basics.

The new information age - Fast Business
As technologies like web forms and e-signatures transform information management, the future is brightest for businesses that think differently about how they collect, store and analyse data, writes Amy Birchall for Canon's Fast Business.

copywriting tip: make your first sentence count

Copywriting tip of the week
Open with a BANG!  Readers are unforgiving these days. If you don't capture their attention straight away, they're likely to stop reading. For daily tips on how to improve your copywriting and marketing efforts, follow Mint Content on Facebook

That's all from us. Have a great weekend!