Your weekly content writing wrap - #10

Mint Content weekly wrap

What we've been reading

How long should a blog post be to maximise your content strategy? - King Content
We get asked this question a lot. The answer is that both short- and long-form content have their place in content marketing. This article takes you through the pros and cons of each, and explains when it’s best to use them.

A quick guide to creating a great tagline for your business - Kopywriting Kourse
You could pay a branding specialist $5,000 to come up with your new tagline. Or you could follow these easy steps and do it yourself.

10 types of visual content on Instagram that get shared like crazy - Jeff Bullas
You can probably guess at least half of these: food, motivational quotes, stunning scenery, etc. But if your brand is experimenting with Instagram (like we are), it's useful to know that you're moving in the right direction. 

How to find, remember and use valuable information - Sprezzaturian
Actionable tips for connecting the dots between the huge amounts of information you digest every day. 

10 ways to beat distraction and focus on your work - Nelson Wang
30-minute marathons, the Pareto principle, email batching and other strategies for getting in the zone. 

New from us

7 steps to managing a complex tender response without a sales team [video]
An executive summary can make or break an IT proposal. We share our tips for crafting a winning one. 

Trump narrative war

Go 'full Trump’ part 3: wage total narrative war and capture the high ground
New here? As you're about to discover, Mint Content strategist and bid manager James McPhillips has an all-consuming obsession with the US election. In part three of his Go 'full Trump' series, James discusses Trump's strategy, narrative wars, PC culture and thought police. Enjoy!

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