Why we don’t outsource our writing overseas - and neither should you

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As a business owner or marketing manager, you’ve likely outsourced many tasks to a freelancer. We’re guessing you’ve also toyed around with, or actually have, hired an overseas content writer.

It’s okay, we’re not judging you. The lure of cheap labour is hard to ignore.

Like us, we're sure you’ve heard many wonderful stories about content writers working from India or the Phillipines. You know, the professionals who’ll whip you up a blog post for less than the cost of a large Big Mac meal, whose English is "actually pretty good." 

There’s no doubt there are an array of talented professionals overseas who can assist you with many tasks. However, we stand firm when we argue that content creation should not be one of them.

Here at Mint Content, we make a point of hiring Australian content writers only. Why?

1. Local knowledge

Australian writers, like us, are better placed to understand the local market and audience. We understand the nuances of the IT industry and make it our business to stay abreast of trends, industry news and advancements. We spend countless hours digesting white papers, reading articles and applying this to our content.

We’re not just copywriters. We describe ourselves as IT industry experts. Combined, these two elements make a real difference to the authenticity and overall professionalism of each piece we craft.

2. Quality

Content creation requires a certain skill set. While there are many excellent writers in this world, copywriting is nothing like writing a technical document, novel or third-year nursing essay.

Your content should take your reader on a journey and move them to take action. Each piece we write is carefully curated to align with your business objectives. We spend many hours defining your demographic to ensure our writing converts.

While we’re not for a minute suggesting overseas writers can’t write with your demographic in mind, we are saying that for $10 per piece, this step is likely overlooked.

Research goes hand in hand with strategic content creation. At Mint Content, we don’t skip the pre-work. We factor this element into our fees to ensure each piece you receive is well-rounded and poised to convert.

3. Value

Competing on price is not our jam. However, if you ask us to compete on VALUE you can be sure we’ll come out guns blazing. That’s what we’re about here at Mint Content. Value.

When you work with us, you are working with experts. We're experienced professionals - and we are all well versed in the IT industry. Our research capabilities extend far beyond what you may experience with an overseas writer (it helps when you have a research librarian on staff).

When comparing quotes, are you taking this into account? Asking questions such as "How many revisions does this include?" and "What research will you be completing prior to writing the piece?" will highlight if your cheap quote is actually a false economy.

A $10 piece can quickly turn into a waste of resources if the piece you receive fails to convert.

We are truly committed to working with clients to support their strategic objectives. Our approach is simple; we turn complex concepts into winning content.

We don’t skimp on necessities like value and quality. We certainly don’t hold back when it comes to added bonuses such as industry knowledge and in-depth research either.

In short, we’re kind of like the Mercedes-Benz of IT content writing. Yes, you can get from A to B with a pick-up truck, but do you really want to?

Until next time,

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