Why every job seeker should have their resume reviewed by a professional

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Hands up if you’ve ever applied for a role and received a polite ‘thanks but no thanks’ email a few weeks later? Yes, we’ve all been there and the missed opportunity can feel like a major setback.

Here’s a quick fact, recruiters receive HUNDREDS of applications for any given role on any given day. To say they are busy is an understatement. To read through every CV with a fine-toothed comb is simply unachievable. So what do they do? They scan. They scan for key application criteria and if they don’t see how you’ve demonstrated that succinctly, they will place your application into the no pile.  

The NO pile

Let’s take a minute to discuss the dreaded NO pile. The NO pile includes collection of applicants who have not caught the recruiter's attention or demonstrated how their skills can benefit the company. The NO pile also includes a handful of applicants who do not actually have the relevant experience.

We’re super talented at what we do but if you’re applying for a position as Head of Technology with no previous experience (besides that stint at JB Hi-Fi), we can’t summon the experience gods to beef up your employment history. Sorry.

The YES pile

So let’s chat about the YES pile.

The YES Pile is generally a short stack of applications from applicants who have taken the time to read through the requirements of the role, at length, and have painstakingly demonstrated how they are a fit for the role and the company culture without waffling on. Their resume is clear, concise and customised for the role they are seeking.

How on earth can you move from the NO pile to the YES pile and how can Mint Content facilitate this?

Our specialists will tighten and perfect your resume and selection criteria to show off the best version of you.

How we can make you sparkle

We rock at what we do because we have access to insider knowledge. Our pro resume writers are up to date with hiring trends [hint: they change as often as you change your sheets] and we speak fluent HR. We read between the lines and will address ALL elements of the advertisement...including what they ask for without spelling it out.

We are masters at highlighting your strengths and downplaying your perceived weaknesses. We’ll leave nothing to chance and will take the time to accentuate what you can do and write away any negative aspects. Ie: A short stint in an unrelated field or time out of the workforce. Basically, we’ve got your back.

Desktop publishing is our thing too. We will update your resume look and feel to match current trends and WOW potential employers. We promise there won’t be a paragraph of Times New Roman or a scattering of unformatted bullet points to be seen.

Finally, a pro resume writer will express your expertise in the best way possible - if you’re a tech or numbers person, chances are, writing isn’t your strongest talent. That’s cool, writing is our jam and we’ll write the hell out of your resume. We will articulate your skills in ways you never thought possible.

On top of this, we’ll craft a compelling profile summary that clearly outlines your experience and career objectives to catch the recruiter's eye straight away.

Great, but is this for me?

Excellent question. You might need your resume or CV reviewed if:

  • You feel uncomfortable promoting yourself.
  • You’ve applied for countless roles without securing an interview.
  • Your know your selection criteria needs work, but you don’t know where to start.
  • You want a winning resume that makes the right people pay attention.

Next steps

Update (March 2017): Mint Content's LinkedIn and CV review service is discontinued. For a resume or CV review that makes you shine for all the right reasons, contact Angela McPhillips Consulting.