Why every business needs a content strategy

Woman writes content strategy for client

Hands up if you publish some form of content for your brand? It could be blog posts, white papers, social media posts or even ebooks.

Now, keep your hand up if you formally strategise your content? Do you have a robust content strategy? Our guess is many of you have had every intention to knuckle down and create that winning strategy. But time has simply got away.

We understand. Trust us, we do. The cold hard truth of the matter is, if you want your content to fly, like really fly, you NEED to implement a content strategy.

Producing content without creating a robust strategy is a bit like trying to kick goals without putting in the training. Not an ideal scenario.

Sure, you can probably produce an excellent piece here and there, but does it align with your overall mission? Is it serving your greater purpose?

Our guess would be no.

Here’s how having a clear content strategy will catapult your efforts

It’s one thing to create a clear call to action for the piece you’re working on, it’s entirely another to align your piece with your overall mission and aim for your business.

Look at it like this. If your business aim is to increase sales of a particular product, a complex content strategy would weave this call to action through all myriads of content production.

Content would be created solely to promote this product, sell the benefits, address your customer pain points and remove any doubt about the product itself. Employing a matrix of communication channels to strengthen your message WILL yield results.

Without a content strategy in place, you may publish a blog here, post some business news there add a sprinkling of an e-newsletter for good measure. Sure, the content would no doubt be applicable to your business and engaging to your customers but it is working to it’s full potential? It every piece of content working in conjunction with your business?

If you are currently winging your content using the latter (or lack of!) strategy, our guess is that you’re scratching your head wondering why content marketing isn’t working for you.

Unfortunately great content doesn’t mean much if you don’t have a great strategy supporting it.

Fear not. We have a solution.

Let us develop a content strategy that will strengthen your brand messaging and increase your conversion rate.

Here’s how we can help:

1. Research and Discovery

Build a clear picture of the business. Achieve baseline understanding. Remove ambiguity.

The first stage of developing a workable content strategy is to build a clear picture of the business through discovery activities. Activities may include interviews, workshops, internal and external audits of strategic and content products.

At the end of this stage, you will be provided with a report with insights on your business that can be further developed to target customers effectively.

2. Content Planning

With the initial research complete, the next step is to implement a content strategy.

Your unique brand story will be written to align with your business goals and key messaging.

We’ll then provide an overarching content calendar that will detail when, what and why you are publishing.This can be channeled down into social and editorial calendars to maximise your content on each medium. We’ll even outline how this will move customers through the sales funnel.

Tell us, do you have a content strategy or do you wing it?