How to pitch and write an article submission that actually gets published

how to write a killer article submission

Writing a killer article submission is a fantastic way to boost your business's credibility and raise your personal profile.

There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to go about it. If you get it right, you will impress the editor, reach your target audience and position yourself or your business as knowledge experts. 

If you get it wrong, well it’s not the end of the world. But it’s absolutely a missed opportunity to grow your network. 

Why being a guest contributor is an excellent marketing tactic

As we all know, launching a business and growing an engaged following takes time. It’s not an overnight thing. By writing for external publications and online blogs, you are spreading your knowledge to an already established network. They may have an online community of over 50,000 or a readership in the hundreds of thousands meaning you get more bang for your written word. 

Article submission best practices

Before you get all excited and contact every publication in the yellow pages (jokes, no one uses the yellow pages anymore, do they?!), spend some time researching the demographic you’d like target and what they actually read.

There’s no point writing for the Financial Times (although it would be quite a thrill) if your target demographic is more likely to read The Collective Magazine

Do take a moment to find the correct contact of the publication and note down their submission guidelines. These are always different based on their requirements so there’s no one size fits all approach here. 

Also make note of any articles that are perhaps touching on your area of expertise. Ensure you’re not doubling up on information and choose a different or even complementary angle. They absolutely won’t publish content that’s not fresh and relevant. 

NEVER EVER structure your piece like a sales pitch. Sure, add a call to action at the end but ensure your article is 100 percent value add to the reader. If you ignore this golden rule, you can kiss your opportunity to engage goodbye. 

How to pitch

As mentioned, you’ll need to cater your pitch according to their publication. Take some time to write a winning introduction about you and your business. 

Think of including information such as: 

  • Why you are a knowledge expert 
  • Notable achievements (work related ONLY. Ability to shot Jagermeister is not relevant here) 
  • Affiliations
  • Samples of previous work 
  • A list of publications you’ve written for in the past 

All of this will increase your writing street cred and make YOU more appealing. 

Pitch it like it's hot

Ok, now that you are schooled in the fine art of writing and pitching a killer article submission, it’s time to get going.

We suggest: 

  • Workshopping your area of expertise 
  • Defining your demographic 
  • Sourcing a list of publications 
  • Choosing a relevant topic based on demographic and publication type 
  • Writing a worthy piece 
  • Compiling a friendly and professional email to the publication introducing yourself and why your piece is relevant to the publication
  • Press send and wait for the paparazzi to come knocking 

Have you submitted to a well known publication in the past? Have we missed anything? 

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