Sydney Morning Herald | Growing tribe of digital nomads works from anywhere

Mint Content founder Amy Birchall spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald about what it's like running an Australian content writing business from Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Here's an excerpt:

Amy Birchall, 25, is another Australian embracing the potential of working from anywhere. Last year she left her 9-5 job as a web editor to focus on Mint Content, her content writing and consulting business. Then at the beginning of this year she took another bold step, selling her car, renting out her Canberra apartment, and moving to Chiang Mai in Thailand.

So far she's enjoying the freedom of working wherever she likes, spending time in Darwin, Macau and Phuket: "South-east Asia has heaps of co-working spaces with like-minded young people so I never feel isolated or like I can't talk to people when I need advice," she says.

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