Mint Content announced as 2017 Telstra ACT Business Awards finalist

Telstra ACT Business Awards finalist Mint Content 2017

Canberra, Australia - 11 July 2017 - Mint Content, a specialist content writing agency for IT and technology companies, is a 2017 Telstra ACT Business Awards finalist. 

Mint Content is a finalist in the New Business of the Year category, open to businesses operating for between one and three years. 

Founder Amy Birchall said that by enabling niche companies to keep collateral current and maintain a competitive edge, Mint Content delivers brand-making results that don’t break the bank.

“We're committed to making content development as straightforward as possible for clients working in highly specialised and technical fields," she said. 

Telstra Director, Branded Channels, Mike Tregurtha, said this year’s finalists were demonstrating what it takes to become ‘that’ business – a leader in their field, a name that is trusted and admired and an organisation that inspires others.

“Many of the ACT finalists are great examples of innovators and early adopters who have used technology to help them gain an advantage in the market. They show how technology is fundamentally changing the way businesses operate today and delivering enormous benefits,” he said.

Mint Content, for example, has harnessed cloud technology to support its location-independent workforce. It has also adopted a plug-and-play approach to content development to streamline client review and approval processes. 

"We empower our team to work where and when they want, so online collaboration tools and platforms like Slack, Confluence, Trello and Skype mean there’s no need to be chained to our desks at all times. Instead, our writers are location-independent, with more freedom and less draconian control,” Amy said. 

Winners of the 2017 Telstra ACT Business Awards will be announced on Friday 21 July at the National Gallery of Australia. 

About Mint Content

Mint Content is Australia's specialist IT content writing agency. Founded in Canberra in 2015, we help IT and technology companies turn complex concepts into winning content. We produce white papers, ebooks, reports, case studies, blog posts and website copy for over 25 technology clients in Australia and overseas.

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Amy Birchall, Mint Content Founder and Director
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