Meet our team: Bronte Mann (marketing and social media assistant)

Marketing & social media assistant

This is a new series profiling Mint Content's team members. In this post, marketing and social media assistant Bronte Mann shares why she joined the team, and what she enjoys about working for Mint Content.

Over to Bronte...

Why did you want to work at Mint Content?

I wanted to work at Mint Content for many reasons, but mostly I was intrigued by the business' online structure. The fact that Amy could run a successful business while living in Chiang Mai definitely piqued my interest. I was excited to learn how an online business can maintain such close relationships with their clients, and I wanted to be a part of it.

What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

Working for Mint Content means I am never trapped in an office. I get to work from wherever I like, which usually involves sitting outside in the garden, drinking a perfectly brewed cup of tea while I look at what’s going on in the world of content marketing.

What is your favourite thing about working with Mint Content?

My favourite thing about working with Mint Content is how much I have learned about marketing in the ‘real world’ compared to my studies at university.  In the short time I have worked with Mint, I have learned years worth of marketing knowledge and I have now become a content marketing convert!

As an aspiring marketing manager myself, it’s been fantastic for me to learn about content marketing from the perspective of content writers.

As the marketing industry is becoming more focused on creating meaningful relationships with between producers and consumers, it is crucial for businesses to have quality content. I am excited to watch the industry move in this direction, and thanks to working with Mint Content, I am equipped with the marketing knowledge and skills to keep up!

What goes on in your life outside of Mint Content?

I am in my final year of my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Commerce at the University of Canberra. Outside of work and study though, I spend my time eating with friends, travelling with my partner, binge-watching Netflix, and I have recently started writing for Eat Canberra!

What is your favourite thing about living in Canberra?

My favourite thing about living in Canberra is that I'm never far from nature. In the bush capital we’re surrounded by wildlife, lakes, rivers and an abundance of beautiful walking tracks and viewpoints.

Canberra is also an exciting place to live, as it is changing so rapidly. The population is growing, the food and bar scene is thriving, and the startup culture is booming!

Where do you want to be in five years?

In five years, I hope to have a well-established career in freelance marketing that has allowed me to see the world while I work.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I have so far visited 25 countries and I dream of visiting many, many more!

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