Meet our team: James McPhillips (business development lead)

James McPhillips - Mint Content business development manager

Business development lead James McPhillips shares his thoughts on his role, a typical day in the office and the challenges facing marketers today.

Over to James...

Tell us about your role at Mint Content

My role is three-fold: create and pursue business opportunities for Mint Content, deliver Mint Content's bid response capability, and curate Mint Content's proprietary knowledge into high quality intellectual property for the benefit of all our clients.

What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

I rarely work in an office. Usually it's apartments, coffee shops and co-working spaces. After I drink a strong black coffee and hit the gym, my typical day is structured in blocks of Maker and Manager time. "Maker time" with noise cancelling headphones until about 2pm. "Manager time" from 2pm onwards to handle email, meetings, etc.

I am obsessed with lifestyle and thrive on strict discipline and repeatable patterns of behaviour. Weekends are meaningless if you've designed yourself the perfect day. 

What goes on in your life outside of Mint Content?

I focus on relationships, family and friends. Life is about people. I am an avid reader and rabid consumer of knowledge - books of all kinds but mostly business books these days. I enjoy the outdoors and working outside building things - decks, walls, gardening, etc.

While many find it cynical and exhausting, I enjoy following the great games of politics, media and strategy on the world stage. You can learn a lot watching the persuasion, interactions and game-playing at the highest levels of power, but you must remain detached so as to not be overwhelmed by it all - which is easy to do in the world of social media. I don't think humanity has caught up to the cognitive requirements that a world with social media demands of us. 

What do you consider to be the biggest challenges facing marketers today?

Frenzy, lack of strategic alignment and engaging in too many over-engineered low-value tasks. Marketers have limited (zero) time to develop high value, high ROI content for the brands they are trying to develop.

What advice would you give to companies looking to get started with content marketing?

Engage us. 😁

Dead serious. But failing that, at least develop a basic content strategy and make sure someone with vision is empowered to own it.

It's very straightforward to create a content strategy - a breeze if the business has already engaged in some form of strategic planning or ideal customer analysis. I never understood why marketing firms charge so much for this strategic product. Much of it should be informed by the strategic artefacts that are usually already developed and in play.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Fun fact? Hmm... my personality is some kind of hybrid of ENTJ and ENTP, depending on the test. 

And I've been told I'm a savage:

James - eggs.png

But I prefer the label "pragmatist". 


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