How to choose the perfect Christmas presents for your clients

Client Christmas presents

Yep. It's that time of year. 

Love or hate it (we love it!), the Christmas frenzy presents a great opportunity to touch base with your best clients and give them some well-deserved love.

After all, you're only in business because of your clients. So treat 'em well.

I don't know about you, but I'd much rather buy a Christmas present for key clients than grit my teeth and buy some random trinket for my horrible old Aunt Gladys.

But if you're going to buy your clients a present, you have to do it the right way. You can't just buy them generic junk or trinkets that are tacky or inappropriate. 

So, here are Mint Content's top tips on buying gifts for your clients. (We will also reveal the presents we give our clients at the end of the article... using a mysterious method called "the 4 C's method"...)

Let's begin.

1. Give your client a present that they'll find valuable

When racking your brain for unique Christmas ideas, try and pick something that resonates with your client's personality and desires. Get specific. No one likes to feel like an afterthought, so pick gifts you believe will actually help them out.

Give them something that adds value to them or to their business. 

For example: our clients are professionals who are interested in the same things we are: killing it in the business world, writing, driving traffic online, brand and marketing. That's stuff they find Classy. That's the kind of thing they find Cool.

Therefore, we tend to stick to gifts in this domain. Stick to what you know.

Which means... 

2. Give your client a present that resonates with your brand

What resonates with the Mint Content brand?

If you answered, "bag of minties" or "a packet of mints"... you get the cornball prize.

(Shame on you).

But if you answered, "something Content related"... you are correct!

(Nice job).

So have a think about what gifts you can give, that when you client picks it up, makes sense in the context of your brand. 

But you have to - 

3. Make sure your gift has no strings attached

Stay Classy, San Diego.

It's poor form to use Christmas gifts as a way to go big or to manipulate clients into doing more business with you. That's exactly the WRONG way to think about all this gift giving stuff.

Don't go overboard. If your gift is outrageously expensive, requires a truck to deliver, or needs ongoing care and maintenance (surprise puppy or fish tank), it's probably not the best idea.

Don't create an imbalance that stretches the professional client relationship into weird territory. Yuck! Your gift should be cool enough that they smile and like it, but if they were to leave it in the back of a taxi, it wouldn't be the end of the world. 

Bonus: What will we give our clients this year? 

This year, we're giving our clients gifts that...

  • Add value
  • Resonate with our brand 
  • Have no strings attached

Yes, as you can see, we follow the tried and true "4 C's" method.

Cool. Classy. Content...

But wait, that's only 3 C's!

Hmm.. we need another C. I can't go back and change it to the 3 C's method. That wouldn't be right. 


Maybe I should finally reveal what we'll be giving our clients... (If you're one of our clients and want this to be a surprise, stop reading now. Your gifts should arrive next week!)


The Classic physical book. (4 C's achieved! Victory!)

Yes, we give our clients books. The ones with real paper and glue and stuff. Made from trees.

Remember books? Remember turning pages with your hand. Remember when we used to read printed words on a physical page? Back before Kindles and iPhones? Remember that...?

We love books because they're undervalued. They have lasting (read: eternal) value. They can be shared with others. You can write messages in them. One single book can contain millions of dollars worth of advice and wisdom.

And most of them cost less than a trip to McDonalds. Sad!

We're crazy about books here at Mint Content. Addicted. Reaaaal bookworms. For a sampler of what we've been reading, keep an eye out our summer reading list next week. 

Happy gift giving! And don't forget to have a Merry Christmas.

See you in 2017,

PS: You might enjoy working with us if you like receiving awesome personalised books for Christmas.