Go 'full Trump' part two: build a compelling brand and wage asymmetrical war

It’s so corny when marketers drone on about storytelling.

Guess what? A story is only compelling when there’s conflict. Otherwise, no one cares about the story of your company or other such B.S.

Unless you can spin a good yarn about how you or your company overcame the odds, smited your enemies or did the impossible, don’t bother. No one cares. Would you read a novel without conflict? No. So don’t subject your audience to a story without it. Unless you enjoy feeding them bland garbage and getting zero attention for your efforts.

That being said, everyone loves a good story. 

And the one I’m about to tell you has everything: intrigue, skullduggery, war, revenge and insight.

It’s operatic. Mythological. It’s about one man declaring war against a powerful centuries old institution.

And winning.

So microwave that popcorn and strap yourself in.

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