Go 'full Trump': how to weaponise risk and confirmation bias to build your brand

You’ll notice I put 'Trump' in the headline. Why? It’s a cheap trick.

Like magic, any headline with 'Trump' converts to eyeballs. But you’ll only feel cheated if I don’t talk about him or I go off topic. So don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of Trump in this article.

It will also be the best long form article you’ll read all week. It’s virality incarnate.

Or it will be... later... after Trump wins the US election.

This isn’t going to be the usual Trump hit piece or election commentary. There’s plenty of more 'qualified' political pundits in that space to do the job. Although I wouldn’t put any weight in their predictions.

As we have all seen this year, 99.9% of pundits and journalists are completely useless in regards to making Trump-based predictions. Key exceptions: Scott Adams, controversial bloggers and writers like Mike Cernovich and Ann Coulter. A few others.

I'm still waiting for that inevitable Trump ceiling and decline into oblivion... Nate Silver, I’m looking at you.

But I'm here to ruffle a few feathers. This article will show you why I believe that Trump is a genius.

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