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Spotify’s CMO on using data to create content marketing hits – News Cred
Spotify’s bold and personal marketing strategy is an inspiring example of content marketing. By using customer data, Spotify has consistently created marketing campaigns that resonate with its vast audience. What sets Spotify apart from others is it views data as a way to understand the uniqueness of individuals, while also examining cultural trends.

Key insight: “Today’s successful brands must look at data with a much keener eye, and begin to draw insights that speak to customers as humans and build lasting connections that actually improve business outcomes for years to come.”

The 3 behaviours driving the most creative content marketers – The Content Marketing Institute
Creativity and content marketing seem to go hand in hand, yet creativity is something many marketers struggle with. The Content Marketing Institute has put together three common behaviours and attitudes of the most creative content marketers :

  1.  Enjoying the process
  2. Aiming for quality AND quantity
  3. Consuming your own work through the eyes of your audience

Key insight: “Creating something great doesn’t require a moment of genius. It demands a thoughtful, repeatable process.”

7 social media analytics and reporting tips for becoming a data-savvy marketer – Buffer
Social media analytics insights can be some of the most important information a marketer can get their hands on. Unlocking social media analytics and reporting can inform your entire strategy, by learning more about your audience and how they engage with your content. The problem? This data confuses a lot of us. To help, Buffer has put together a guide to finding, reporting and using social media analytics.

How to add colour and richness to your writing … without making us want to barf - Copyblogger
Crafting colourful and lively writing is crucial for inspiring audiences. Adding a little too much colour however, can make writing tacky or distasteful. 

The perfect writing is a balance between several factors, including; warmth and childish cheerfulness, richness and goop, or simple and fancy. Copyblogger addresses the ideal balance to ensure that your writing hits the mark.

The best of B2B marketing content: 9 examples – HubSpot
Despite what you might expect, B2B companies can create content that's every bit as brilliant as  as what B2C companies produce. With customers eager to consume content that will inform, entertain and inspire them, the possibilities are endless. Some of the most creative campaigns from B2B companies are compiled in this article from HubSpot, with examples from Deloitte’s University Press, Wistia, and Unbounce.

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