Best of 2017: Mint Content year in review + top posts

goodbye 2017

Is anyone else having trouble coming to terms with the fact that it's already 2018?

After packing an awful lot into 2017 (i.e. moving permanently back to Australia, getting hitched, launching sister agency Freshly Minted, and being nominated for our first awards), we're ready to enjoy the new year at a much slower pace. 

But before we dive into 2018, we're also taking pause to reflect on the year that was. And what better way to do that than looking back at the posts that you, our readers, enjoyed the most? 

Have a browse, and let me know if we've missed any of your favourites. 

proofreader lisa teasdale

10. Spellcheck isn't enough: Why the best writers use human proofreaders

Ever feel like you do your best proofreading after hitting the send button? We've been there too. But is there really a difference between using Microsoft Word's spellcheck and engaging a professional proofreader?

As an agency that offers free proofreading of all final approved client documents, our answer is a resounding yes. So, back in August, we asked our go-to proofreader, Lisa Teasdale, to explain why behind every great writer, is a brilliant proofreader. 

bronte mann mint content

9. Meet our team: Bronte Mann (marketing and social media assistant)

Bronte joined the Mint Content team as a marketing and social media assistant about a year ago. In this post from January, she shared why she chose to work for Mint Content, and her favourite aspects of the job. 

resume success australia

8. 6 easy ways to reinvent your resume for Australian recruiters

Our writers have reviewed resumes from all over the world, often from job seekers hoping to find work in Australia. Yasmin Birchall wrote this post back when we were being contacted by people frustrated because the resume that has landed them jobs before hasn’t led to job success in Australia.  

Mint Content team Telstra Awards

7. Mint Content announced as 2017 Telstra ACT Business Awards finalist

We were thrilled to be listed as finalists in the 2017 Telstra ACT Business Awards in the New Business of the Year category. While we didn't take out the main prize, we were thrilled to have been recognised as one of only a handful of local finalists. 

top blogs mint content

6. 10 content marketing and copywriting blogs we can't live without

Regular Mint Condition readers will know that we stopped producing our weekly wrap series to focus on producing articles that add more value - like this list of our favourite blogs that help keep us in the know.

plain english writing tips

5. The secret to turning complex concepts into winning content - writing in plain English

What's the difference between awesome and average copy? For most IT and technology businesses, it's writing in plain English. Guest blogger Marissa Batty laid down the plain English ground rules for our readers back in August. 

creating winning content

4. Content at your fingertips: 6 simple, stress-free ideas for creating winning content

Fact: Even the most talented marketers and content writers struggle to produce fresh content on a regular basis. Whether you're selling cybersecurity software or professional services, chances are you find it challenging to maintain a content calendar without compromising quality. It's a problem that we have sometimes too, so we're grateful that Bronte Mann compiled a foolproof guide for generating content ideas quickly and with minimal fuss. 

singapore start ups content marketing

3. We analysed the content marketing efforts of 60+ Singapore start-ups. Here's what we found.

We spent a month in Singapore back in March learning about the future of our industry and identifying new business opportunities. In this post, Bronte Mann shared her research into Singapore's thriving start-up scene, benchmarked content marketing performance, and provided suggestions for how to improve.

best practice tips for copyediting your own writing

2. 7 best practice tips for copyediting your own writing

In a perfect world, we’d all have a professional editor at our disposal to check that our written work was top notch. But with tight budgets and punishing deadlines abounding, that's increasingly unlikely.

That's why Yasmin Birchall shared her simple tips for ensuring your writing is polished, professional and fit for purpose.

case study writing mint content

1. How to write a cracking case study: 4 tips from a management consultant and seasoned case study author

Well-written case studies are one of the most powerful tools in your sales arsenal. They offer a window into what it’s like to work with your business. More importantly, they are a proof point of the impact you can make for your customers. In April, Laura Birchall explained how to ensure your case studies hit the mark and showcase your business in its best light.


Happy New Year!

- Amy McPhillips
Mint Content Founder and Director