8 quick thoughts on building winning brands with content

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James, our business development lead, is what Darryl Kerrigan from The Castle would call an ideas man. He's a big thinker. And a big reader. If you've connected with James on LinkedIn, you've probably seen several updates about his latest obsessions: content mindset, branding and persuasion. 

We've compiled James' best January LinkedIn posts relevant to our line of work, and listed them below. Want regular esoteric content mindset updates? Connect with James on LinkedIn.

Over to James...

What people think brands are: logo, website, style guide. What brands actually are: neurons, connections, and how people feel about you, your product and your business. 


How do you build a brand? You make content with meaning. Meaning generates feeling. Feeling builds connections in the mind. When I build a brand, I build literal physical structures inside your mind (from neurons). 


Creative agencies = style. They're masters of the rebrand. Tactics focussed. Short-term engagements. 

Content agencies = substance. They're masters of the brand. Execution focussed. Long-term partnerships. 



  • Start the business
  • Build the product or design the service
  • Look for an audience

Or this? 

  • Build an audience (with content, with conversations)
  • Talk to your audience
  • Build the product / design the service for them
  • Start the business


Most creatives who say they're awesome at "building brands" don't do any of the actual building. 

They shake a few hands, run a few brand workshops, spit out a few groovy looking documents, then go on their merry way to the next client. No follow up. No support. 

ACTUAL brand building is done through delivering excellent work to clients, and then telling all world about it with CONTENT.


The difference between a slick website and creating content for it is an entire dimension. 

...The difference between a 2D world and a 3D world.

Repeatedly publishing excellent content (blogs, videos, white papers, case studies) leverages the 4th dimension to grow your business and your brand... TIME.


Albert Einstein once said this: 

"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it... he who doesn't ... pays it."

In the online world, content is the equivalent of compound interest. 

Those who leverage its power, eventually build a robust, powerful and influential brand.

Those who don't... don't. 


According to Peter Thiel, "Rivalry causes us to overemphasise old opportunities and slavishly copy what has worked in the past."

Many think business is only about rivalry and competition. 

But developing a brand allows you to evade competition, leveraging creativity and uniqueness.


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