7 questions you need to answer before starting your business blog

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It's exciting starting a blog for your business, but before you dive in there are a few big questions you need to answer.

Ensuring you understand these key elements can be the difference between a blog that hits the bull’s-eye, and one that fails to achieve your goals.

1. What are your goals and objectives?

Whether it's to drive traffic to your website, establish your company as an industry leader, or connect with your customers, you need to know why you're blogging. Your blogging goals and objectives should tie in with your overall marketing strategy. With clearly set goals and objectives, you will keep on track and your blog wont lose direction.

2. Who is your target audience?

Although you'll (hopefully!) already know your target market inside and out, successful blogging means digging deeper. Look at each different type of customer and think about why they will come to your blog. What will they be looking for? How can you meet their needs? 

Understanding your target audience will help you create blog posts that are relevant and resonate with the right readers. 

3. What will be your voice?

Your brand voice is your company's style. It's unique to you. Having a brand voice not only establishes consistency, it gives your brand personality. At Mint Content, for example, we keep our brand voice casual but witty. This allows us to show our clients and audience that we know our stuff but are approachable and easy going.

4. What will you talk about?

Before starting a blog you need to have some idea about what you're going to sat. Once you have established your goals and analysed your target audience, you will have a better idea of what to write about.

Your blog topics will align with your strategy, because you will know the angle you need to take to get there. You can then start planning the pillar topics you will focus on – usually those that surround your service and the industry it is in.

Break each down into subcategories and turn them into simple blog posts by making it a how-to, a top ten list, or answering a common question about your industry/product/service.

5. How often will your blog posts be published? 

Consistency is everything. If your blogs aren’t posted at consistent intervals, how will this reflect on your service quality? If you can’t meet deadlines and have a reliable blog presence, your company won’t appear to be organised. We suggest using a content calendar to plan out all of your articles. And, if you work with us, you can even have a stack of pre-written blog posts that you can publish weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

6. How will we drive traffic to our blog?

Considering the time and effort that goes into a blog, it is seriously disappointing if no one is reading it. This is why you need to think about the different ways you will promote your posts and bring traffic to your website. Will you use social media, email marketing or SEO? 

You want to get a return on the time and money you spent on that blog post.

7. Who will write your blog posts? 

Creating blog posts takes time, so getting team members to commit to writing your blog posts can be the most challenging part. If you’re a smaller company, it may not even be worthwhile writing the blog posts in house.

Even if you have someone who can write blog posts, will they have the skillset to write articles that resonate with your audience? Or help you to realise your strategy?

If you want to make sure your blog posts are written to perfection every time, call in the professionals. We’re here to help!