6 pieces of copywriting and content marketing wisdom from the Mint team

Content marketing wisdom

At Mint we are very proud of our diverse, talented group of writers, consultants, marketers, strategists and editors. We are all hugely passionate about what we do, and aim to help our clients in whatever way we can. 

Sometimes our powerful words might get forgotten. So, to shine a light on the golden pieces of wisdom our team have shared, here are some of our most powerful pieces of wisdom from blog posts by the Mint team.

Amy - Director and Lead Content Writer

Changing people’s behaviour is hard. It’s even harder when there’s no clear value proposition. Your target audience won't go out of their way to seek out your content, no matter how good it is. Save your energy for producing highly relevant content instead of changing audience habits. If your audience is already on LinkedIn, for example, concentrate your efforts on reaching them there. Don't try and lure them to a platform you like better.

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James – Business Development Lead

Human beings are irrational by nature. Our emotions drive our decisions and we justify them with post-facto rationalisations. So give your prospective client a sticky and emotional reason to engage you! Give them a theme. Give them a key. A shorthand by which they can construct a case for you in their own mind that you are the best possible provider.

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Marissa – Marketing Coordinator

Everyone receives written, oral and verbal communication differently. What might be crystal clear for one person can make absolutely no sense for another. By using plain English, you will save your reader time. They don't need to spend ages deciphering your fancy words. If done well, it will even minimise the time you spend re-clarifying your points via email or phone later on.
Time is money! Ain’t nobody got any to waste!

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Bronte – Marketing and Social Media Assistant

People associate the quality of an organisation's content with the quality of its product or service. If you want to be seen as an industry leader in your field, you need to prove yourself. Do not tell your target audience that you're great. Show them your expertise - through killer content.

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Yasmin – Researcher, Editor and Writer

Even though you’ve put your heart and soul into your writing, you’re actually writing for your readers, not for yourself. Consider what is useful and valuable to them. Ask yourself how each piece of information you provide will benefit them.

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Laura - Writer and Consultant

Describing the impact you made on a customer’s business is arguably the most important part of a case study. The story you tell about the impact you made will contribute to your legacy in the eyes of past customers and will be used by future customers to assess your value proposition.

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