The Vocal | Can't find a job? Make one through the all-powerful interwebs

Screenshot of The Vocal website featuring an interview with Mint Content founder Amy Birchall

I spoke to Fairfax's The Vocal this week about the business of freelancing.

Here's an excerpt:

Freelancing can also be a great opportunity for established journalists looking to diversify and also take control over their career path.

Amy Birchall had already been working as an editor for a local news website in Canberra, and freelancing in her spare time for three years before realising there was a strong market for freelance content producers.

Birchall, who had spent a few years covering management and business news, and also working in marketing for a software company, says that, “When I spoke to contacts, I realised that many, particularly those in IT and technology, had no idea how to tell ordinary people about their products and services.”

“They could see the value of having great content, but they didn’t have the time, inclination or expertise to do it well. As a trained journalist and a bit of a tech geek, I figured I could put my skills to good use.”

So does this mean that anyone can go out and start their own job as a freelancer? Birchall believes that yes, they can.

“If you have any kind of marketable skill and know how to use the Internet, you can make money working for yourself, “ says Birchall.

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