21 questions to ask your next case study interviewee

woman writes a case study

As any experienced business writer will tell you, your next case study is only as good as the responses you can solicit from your team and client. So how do you make sure that you're getting the best possible material? 

That's easy: You ask the right questions. 

When we interview our clients' clients for case studies, we don't just ask random questions out of the blue. We work through a list of tried and true questions that both: 

  • Provide all the information we need to write a winning case study
  • Streamline the case study writing process - when asked in order, the answers to our questions form a skeleton on which to build the rest of the case study

We don't believe in hoarding knowledge. So today, we're sharing our go-to list of case study interview questions that will help you write better case studies in less time. 

Note that most of our clients are in the IT space, which means these questions work best for IT implementation projects. They'll still be useful if you work in another industry, but may require a little tweaking. 

The business

  • Tell me about your company – what industry you are in and what does your business actually do?
  • Can you please provide some figures about your organisation, such as size, turnover, number of staff, office locations or similar?

The problem

  • What was the business problem you were trying to solve?
  • What was there a particular trigger that made you decide it was time to act?
  • What were the key challenges you needed to address?

The solution

  • When did the project begin and end?
  • What were your project objectives?
  • Why did you choose [company]?
  • What technologies were used?
  • What was the process for developing the solution? (If you're an IT company, provide the technical details of the solution yourself.  Don't rely on your client to provide this information, as they may not be aware of the depth/breadth of your work.)


  • How is the solution now being used?
  • Has it achieved the project objectives?
  • What quantifiable benefits can you attribute to the solution (e.g. return on investment, dollars/time saved)?
  • What other business benefits have you experienced as a result of this project?
  • How does this compare to how you were doing things previously?
  • How have users reacted? 
  • Who are the main users and what changes has it made to their roles?

Future plans

  • Do you have plans for future development?
  • Off the back of this project, are there any other projects either underway or in the pipeline?


  • If you were to recommend [company], what would you say?
  • How would you describe your relationship with [company]?


Which questions would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments!