10 essential tips for a killer social media strategy

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So, you've been managing your social media pages, promoting your posts and keeping your customers happy. But no matter how many resources you invest, you just can't seem to get a significant response. Sound familiar? 

Today, businesses across industries are building social media profiles to gain brand awareness, but it's using social media strategically that separates the dynamic brands from the ignorant. Unfortunately, many companies are still failing to listen, plan, engage and learn. 

Why is a killer social media strategy so important?

Your social media is an extension of your content. Your content is a reflection of your service quality.  To help you achieve a killer social media strategy, here's our list of the most important tips to follow.

1. Know your audience

The first things you need to establish is your target audience. Knowing their demographics is one thing, but paying attention to their lifestyle, interests, personalities and cultural dispositions is a home run. Segment the different groups, understand how to communicate to them, and plan your social media strategy accordingly. If you have a content strategy, you probably have this figured out already. 

2. Create a brand style

Your style is the voice, personality and worldview that is unique to your brand. This allows you to showcase your human side, and invite your customers to get to know your company. Your brand style should be an authentic representation of your organisational goals, mission and values. Although your communication method should vary, it is crucial that your brand style remains consistent across channels.

3. Plan your content

If your social media is inconsistent, incoherent, messy or irrelevant, how will people view your service quality? Chances are your customers prefer brands they can count on to be consistent and organised. They will judge this through your social media (harsh, but true).

Try cleaning up your social media strategy with an editorial calendar to help you plan out your content on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. This will ensure that every post is planned, well thought out, relevant and you will never be caught out with nothing to post. If you're not already, use a social media scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to save time crafting posts.

4. Engage, engage, engage

Think of engagement as the act of capturing your audience's attention, attracting their interest, and in turn staying present in their mind. People are most engaged by content that inspires, amazes, educates and amuses them. Make sure your content is targeted towards your followers interest, and try making your posts interactive to further involve your followers.

5. Build a community

Most marketers know that one of social media's end goals is to build a thriving community. Creating a place for like-minded individuals to feel involved and included will create meaningful relationships between your brand and customers. Try fostering a two-way communication line between your company and your customers and commit to helping them, hearing their issues and involving them in conversations.

6. Use visuals

Visual content is taking over the marketing world and your social media content needs to adapt. Viewers respond better to visual content, as content that includes relevant images receive 94 percent more views than content without relevant images. Brand videos in particular are responsible for increased engagement and driving website traffic from social media. Striking images, intriguing videos, and fascinating infographics are the key to engaging your social media followers.

7. Tell a story

Storytelling is a very valuable tool for marketers to use in any context. A good story can captivate an audience, make messages stick and influence behaviour. People are drawn in by stories and the messages they are sending, because of the emotional reaction it produces. Telling your brand's story, sharing stories about customers, sharing workplace stories about your staff or crafting a story about your product are all storytelling methods to improve your engagement.

8. Adapt to the platform

A crucial step in your social media campaign – do not create a flat social media strategy that applies to every platform. You can have a general plan for style, content, and goals, but to use social media tactfully, you must adapt your posts to each platform.

People choose to use a social media platform over another depending on its characteristics. For example, people use Instagram to be inspired by beautiful visuals, while they may open Linked In to keep up with changing trends in the industry of their profession.

Understanding what your audience is looking for when they are using a platform can better help you to be exactly what they are looking for. Another important factor when adapting to a platform: know the different algorithms to improve engagement on each social media site.

9. Measure and learn

Yes, it's a cliche, but you're not going to improve without looking back, analysing your campaign success and changing your future practices.

Analyse your most popular posts to find the ingredients crucial for high engagement. Check your posts that fell flat, and know what techniques you can leave behind. Make sure you look at your social data to discover when most of your audience are online to find your optimal posting time.

10. Stop overselling

The biggest mistake that marketers make on social media is misunderstanding its purpose, and using it to sell. Despite what some may believe, social media marketing is not about selling, it is an opportunity to create a community and engage potential customers.

Spreading product awareness is very important, but even more-so is creating long lasting, meaningful relationships with your customers. We suggest using the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of posts should be non-promotional, with just 20 percent focused on your brand. Engage and entertain people, invite them to get to know you, then inform them of your amazing products. 

1.     Know your audience
2.    Create a brand style
3.    Plan your content
4.    Engage, engage, engage
5.    Build a community
6.    Use visuals
7.    Tell a story
8.    Adapt to the platform
9.    Measure and learn
10.   Stop overselling

Do you know of any other social media techniques that are crucial to the success of your strategy? Let us know in the comments.

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