10 content marketing and copywriting blogs we can't live without

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At Mint Content, we're always looking for ways to create content that our clients (and fellow content marketers) find helpful. With that in mind, we're finishing up our weekly wrap series and focusing on producing more of the blog posts that our readers love best. 

Regular readers will know that our weekly wrap series contained the best new articles of the content marketing and copywriting world. So, to tide you over, here's a list of our favourite blogs that help keep us in the know.

Happy reading! 

1. Content Marketing Institute
If you only have time to read one blog, it has to be The Content Marketing Institute's. Creating a wide variety of articles every week, CMI cover every aspect of content marketing to keep you informed of marketing trends, improvements you can make to your strategy and how to market with a content mindset. 

2. Hootsuite  
Social media software company, Hootsuite, runs an extensive social media dedicated blog. With several articles a week covering analytics, social media strategy, platform guides, and platform updates, Hootsuite will help you be a savvy social media manager in no time.

3. Marketing Tech News
A blog for all dynamic marketers, Marketing Tech News will keep you informed of the latest industry trends, technology, and insights.

4. Copyblogger
Copyblogger aims to help business writers flourish into the ultimate wordsmiths. With topics ranging from storytelling, persuasion, freelance writing and developing a strategic content mindset, Copyblogger is your one stop shop for becoming a magical content writer.

5. HubSpot
HubSpot is a marketing and sales automation software company, with a marketing blog that focuses on a variety of topics. From creativity to analytics, HubSpot emphasises all of the marketing aspects that contribute to the strategy it coined - 'inbound marketing'. 

6. Contently
Contently's ‘The Content Strategist’ is a must read. With a combined theme of copywriting and content marketing, The Content Strategist features an interesting variety of topics that intertwine both disciplines for the ultimate content education.

7.Convince and Convert
A content marketing blog with a focus on strategy and persuasion, Convince and Convert create content that will inspire. Their posts explain what marketers need to do and say to improve engagement and convert leads. 

8. Sprout Social
The blog of social media management platform, Sprout Social, educates marketers in foolproof formulas for social media success. It’s articles help marketers to use data to streamline and target their efforts across all channels and increase their social media ROI.

9. NewsCred
NewsCred’s ‘Insights’ inspires marketers with a continuous supply of perceptive marketing tips. Particularly intriguing are NewsCred’s case studies, that address the practices of the best in the content marketing business and outline the lessons to be learned.

10. Grammarly
Grammarly is useful for anyone and everyone, with a blog focused on eradicating the most commonly used grammar misconceptions and writing mistakes. As there is little sympathy for a marketer with poor grammar and writing skills, all marketers should be checking up on the Grammarly blog.

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