Even more of our favourite copywriting tips! [in pictures]


Last week we shared with you 15 of our favourite copywriting tips. This week, we're back with a few more tips to get you writing golden copy in no time. 

Have a read and let us know your best writing advice in the comments!

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2. Sell benefits not features

Have you ever heard the term "Sell a good night's sleep not a mattress" ? Think about HOW your product or service benefits the customer and you'll never go wrong.



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4. Write with rhythm

Readers are bound to get more engaged when your writing has a nice rhythm to it. You can accomplish this by mixing up the length of your sentences and paragraphs. Try to avoid long sentences. Or, when you write one, follow up with a short one. Make it flow!




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6. Break up copy with visuals

Visuals are a great way to break up your content and strengthen your copy so don't be afraid to use them...as long as they are relevant.



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8. Don't try to sound smart

We know, we know...it's tempting to flex those brain muscles with an audience but here's the thing: if you clutter your copy with big, professional words, the audience will get lost in it.



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10. Speak to one person

Your piece should be a one on one conversation between you and your reader. It should be about them, and make them feel as though they are the only person reading it.



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12. Refine your headline

If you really want to lure your readers in, spend time on your headline. On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. ~ David Ogilvy ~


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14. SEO is important but people come first

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a crucial part of any content marketing piece, but people should ALWAYS come first. Why? Because your writing should appeal to people, not bots.

In saying that, content should always be search optimised to help reach your target demographic. A few quick tips to get you started:
•    Research trending keywords
•    Use keywords to write copy
Analyse and optimise for next time

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1. Entertain your audience

Don't be boring. Yes, it seems obvious but it's often overlooked. Think about your audience - we are a nation of skimmers. Would you read something that bored the socks off you? We guess not. Be bold, tell a story, make it funny...anything, just don't make it yawn-worthy.



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3. Read your piece aloud

We know it sounds crazy, but read your piece aloud. You will get a fresh perspective on the piece and identify gaps and opportunities for improvement quick smart!


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5. Make your CTA worthy

It goes without saying that each and every piece you write NEEDS a call to action [CTA] but there's a difference in a worthy and unworthy one. Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

  • Include urgency: Limited time frames, deadlines, reasons to be prompt.
  • Make an offer: Discount, bonus, free information.
  • Highlight value: Get your informative report, join our exclusive community.
  • Overcome objections: Eliminate or reduce risks with free trials or money back guarantees.
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7. Use positive words

It goes without saying that positivity breeds positivity. Your readers will respond to positive words and will be instantly turned off by negative language.

Ie: Lay off words like "no", "don't", "shouldn't" and use uplifting words as much as possible.



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9. Write to a medium

Write your piece according to the medium you are using. If you are structuring an email marketing piece, it makes sense to be more personable. In a blog post, less so. Write your piece to fit and you'll see the rewards.



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11. Avoid wishy washy language

When writing headlines, subheads and body copy, don't use words that avoid a direct command - we call these weasel words. These include 'may', 'maybe', 'hope', 'wish', 'try', 'but', 'could', 'perhaps' and 'strive'. Instead, use words like 'will' and 'does' to describe what your product or service will or can do for your reader.


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13. Break the rules

That's right, break the rules.

Think about the language your audience will respond to. If it's not 'proper English', don't write that way. Use slang and relevant abbreviations where applicable.

Speaking directly to your client or customer in language they’ll easily understand is always more important than writing by the book.


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15. Include a P.S.

A P.S. is probably the third most important part of a piece of copywriting (after the offer and the headline). Everybody reads the P.S., so it’s essential that you drive home the main benefit of the product or service you’re selling.

P.S. Give it a try!

15 of our best copywriting tips [in pictures]

Copywriting tips

We all want to write copy that informs, inspires and moves our audience to action. Knowing exactly how to do that is where many people get lost.

To help, here are 15 of our favourite tips to get you writing compelling copy.

Copywriting tip

2. Start with the end in mind

This sounds simple and it is. 

  • Write down what you want your audience to feel or do once they finish the piece.
  • Keep this front of mind during the writing process and let it guide the overall structure.

Taking the time to workshop your goals prior to beginning is key to writing a piece that converts.

Copywriting tip

4. Sell the problem you solve

Are you selling a product, or the problem it solves? As the great Richard Branson said: "How can I make peoples lives a lot better? If you get that right, the money will come."





6. Make it about your audience

As straightforward as this seems, many companies fail to reflect this principle in their web copy. Instead of saying “We do inbound marketing” try something like “Increase your web traffic and leads with irresistible content.”

1. Define your why

Before you even start getting into the nitty gritty of your piece, spend some time defining your why. Why are you writing this blog, white paper, e-book? What do you want to get out of it and what are you hoping your readers gain as a result? By completing this crucial piece first, your aim will be front of mind.


Copywriting tip

3. Inject personality

To engage your readers it's an absolute must to inject personality! Working for a 'boring' or 'dull' brand is no excuse - companies like PayPal and Merriam-Webster have been successfully injecting personality into their work for years.



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5. Include emotion

One of the reasons storytelling works is because it often appeals to emotion. If you can make a visitor feel excited that they found you or desperate for your solution, you can draw them further into your piece and give them what they’re looking for.



Copywriting tip
Copywriting tip

7. Add more interest

When you don’t know what to write next or how to make your draft better, add interest by:

  • Making it scannable and visually appealing
  • Using your distinct personality or unique selling proposition
  • Making it entertaining (as long as the humor furthers your goal)
  • Incorporating controversy
  • Telling stories
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8. Lose the jargon

We know, we know. We talk about this one a lot. But some people still write jargon-riddled copy, so it’s worth repeating.

Industry specific language and inside jokes may work for the people who already know what you’re selling, but if you want to attract new people (and avoid boring your existing audience), don't do it!


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10. Include statistics

People like numbers. Especially ones that tell them how their life will change for the better once they buy your product.

A well-researched, relevant statistic or two in your copy will go a long way towards improving conversions.


Copywriting tips

12. Use power words

There are certain words that are more poised to convert than others. In the biz, we call these 'power words'. One of the MOST powerful? YOU. That's right, you.

Using the word 'you' makes your reader the focus on your message. Use more instances of ‘you’ rather than words like ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’. You is the cornerstone of customer-centric copywriting that’s the kind of copywriting that converts readers into customers.

Copywriting tips

14. Be concise

With life’s increasing hustle & bustle these days, people have much shorter attention spans. So be short & straight to the point with your content to hold their attention.



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9. Make it laser focussed

Be ruthless with your words! Readers don’t have time for waffle, especially when they’re evaluating a business.

Consider website copy, for instance. Research shows that we've only got 7 seconds to make a good impression online. That's obviously not a lot of time, so you've got to wow them ASAP. 

We suggest writing your first draft and halving the word count. It can be challenging but ensuring your copy is laser focussed WILL make a difference.

Copywriting tips

11. Inform, don't sell

This one should really be a no brainer but it can be hard to let go of the urge to sell, sell sell. Nobody wants a hard sell. Your potential clients and customers will make their decisions based on the quality of content they are receiving. If you've written informative content and presented it in an appealing way, they will be more likely to choose you.


Copywriting tips

13. Write with subheadings

Subheadings help to organise an article’s thoughts. They give the reader a better idea of how the article flows. It also makes the content easily digestible to the readers and it gives a hint of what the writer is talking about. In short, subheadings are a MUST for winning content.



Copywriting tip

15. Just start writing

It sounds simple and it IS. Write it DOWN. Granted, your first attempt may not be your final draft but just getting the 'guts' of the piece down is a great start.

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