3 easy ways to create content that your audience actually wants to read

how to come up with ideas for blog posts

Do you spend more time thinking about what content to create than actually developing articles, videos and white papers?

Every content creator has been there. Not only do you want to come up with a new and unique idea, but you want to create something that will be helpful to your clients.

There are ways to ensure you are creating valuable content that will resonate with your audience. By paying attention to what your target market is saying in both the physical world and digital worlds, you can find out what content topics will resonate the most.

Here are three simple ways to do just that.

1. Answer client questions

No doubt your sales team are bombarded with questions from clients on a regular basis. Your clients are likely to have many questions about your company, your services, and what it's like to work with you. This is especially true if you work in information technology, as related product and services can be confusing to non-technical folks. 

It’s as simple as taking these frequently asked questions, generalising them, and turning them into blog posts, explainer videos or any other form of content that would suit your audience.

Not only does this give you a content idea that will serve your client needs, but it also makes responding to frequently asked questions faster. 

We have turned your questions into some of our most popular content:

2. Keyword research

By analysing popular keyword searches, you can find out exactly what your potential customers are looking for. This is pull marketing at its finest - and a great way to meet buyers at their point of need. 

Tailoring content based on keyword research opens up endless doors for content ideas that will not only appeal to your target audience, but also bring in new visitors and attract potential clients.

While there are several ways to do this, we suggest using a search aggregator like Answer the Public or Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Search aggregator
Answer the Public is my favourite keyword aggregator tool. This free website provides valuable insight for any marketer. Search any topic you want to see common search terms displayed visually.

For example, when I searched for the term 'content marketing', I was given more possible blog post topic ideas than I could ever write.

Keyword search aggregator

In an instant, I found three common search terms that could form the basis for future articles:

  • How content marketing builds your business
  • Content marketing vs traditional marketing
  • Content marketing trends 2017

Keyword Planner

Google's Keyword Planner is a more targeted way of finding what people are searching for. Using an AdWords account, you can filter results by country and date and see how many searches that term has per month.

I used a general search for the keywords 'content marketing'. This was the result:

Keyword planner content marketing

From looking at the related search terms, I can see what people want to know more about.

We could write about content strategy or writing for SEO, but if i want to focus on B2B content I am given several more ideas including looking at B2B marketing, strategy and examples.

Keyword planner content marketing

Social listening

There are many benefits to social listening, such as finding influencers, highlighting pain points or engaging in the conversation - but we think finding content ideas is a big one.

Through listening in you can find out what’s trending in your industry, and how well people are engaging with this content. This will allow you to create targeted content that is both valuable and relevant to your audience.

You can conduct social listening yourself by monitoring certain hashtags or phrases, or by using paid social monitoring software.

Hashtag searches bring up industry conversations in real time. A simple #contentmarketing search on Twitter, for example, shows that SEO is trending in the content marketing world.

Social listening

Mint Content could jump on this trend by publishing a blog post about content writing for SEO.

If you want more sophisticated social listening software you can subscribe to a paid platform that optimises social listening. We particularly like BuzzSumo, which displays the most shared content across different social media handles for your search term.  You can see what topics people are really engaging with in your industry and come up with your own content ideas from there.

If you need more help thinking of content ideas, check out our article: Content at your fingertips: 6 simple, stress-free ideas for creating winning content

Where do you find inspiration for your content ideas? Let us know in the comments.

What we've read, shared and published this month - August 2017

Monthly content round up

What we've been reading

The ultimate guide to big rock content - Newscred
You might not think rock and content marketing have much in common. But that's where you're wrong. In this article, LinkedIn's Jason Miller draws parallels between big rock legends and a strong content strategy. Here are a few of the lessons to be learned…

  • Give your audience a reason to follow you
  • Create relevant content
  • Release and promote content strategically

How to write a blog post: A bookmarkable formula + 5 free blog post templates – Hubspot
You probably already know the benefits of blogging for your business. But blogging well and blogging consistently are another matter altogether. A good place to start is with HubSpot’s article, for those just starting out or needing further assistance. This guide will get you on your blogging feet with an in depth how to and free blog post templates. 

5 ways to convert more prospects by making your case - Copyblogger
It’s all well and good to say how great your product is. But you’re not so likely to convert leads with empty claims. Copyblogger argues that to make a case that inspires your audience to action you need to support it with data, testimonials and authority:

"When you provide value with the right information before asking for the sale, people naturally view your offer with a more positive frame of mind."

How to find out why Google hates your content (and steps to fix it) – The Content Marketing Institute
The constantly evolving world of search engine rankings is just another thing to keep marketers on their toes. As soon as you think you’ve got it all figured out, you realise your page isn’t ranking well. The Content Marketing Institute offer a helpful guide to getting your site on page one. With screenshots and detailed steps, this article will get you into detective mode to find out why your content is being ignored and how to fix it!

10 kinds of visual content to curate for your blog and social media - Canva
Top-notch writing is essential for content that gets results. The right visuals matter too. In this article, Canva explains how to use visuals to complement any type of content. With these tips, you can strengthen your message and engage more of your audience.

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4 Aussie tech startups killing the content marketing game

Startup tech

The complex nature of tech services makes content development a powerful marketing strategy. Content marketing can help software companies communicate their service or product offering more clearly, engage better with their customers, create a brand community and position themselves as industry leaders.

To inspire our tech clients, we've rounded up some of Australia’s most content savvy tech startups. These firms prove you do not need to be big to be brilliant. You also don’t need to be a large and long standing company to be content superstars.

From tutorials to case studies, ebooks to webinars, these content strategies are paving the way for other tech startups.


Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to design beautiful graphics for a range of purposes. It is a leader in the content marketing game, going above and beyond to serve the needs of its audience.

Canva’s content strategy encompasses the company’s DIY focus. With its extensive Design School, Canva offers users free articles, teaching materials and design courses. Packed with tips, guides and interactive tutorials, Canva helps its customers get the most out of the platform. The topics covered are specifically targeted towards the needs of its different users, for business and personal activities. On top of this, Canva’s social media strategy is also a winner. Canva’s #MyDesignStory campaign tells the stories of businesses and individuals who have used Canva to make their dreams a reality.

Canva’s content strategy complements its organisational goals, empowering every day people to create beautiful things.

Lesson – help your audience succeed.


Bugcrowd is a comprehensive crowdsourced cybersecurity platform. Bugcrowd uses content marketing to translate its complex software into engaging content.

Bugcrowd's blog keeps its customers informed and updated on the cybersecurity industry and the Bugcrowd platform. Its content arsenal also includes helpful webinars, case studies and reports. The content is targeted towards the audience of businesses and researchers, helping them learn and improve. Some of the content is gated, allowing Bugcrowd to access more information from its audience before handing over content.

Bugcrowd’s content strategy communicates the complex service in an engaging way and establishes it as an industry leader.

Lesson – position your company as an industry leader.

Local Measure

Local Measure is a location-based software company that streams customer social posts in real time. Local Measure’s content is interesting and stimulating with a strategic combination of visual and written content. The website content combines clear and concise copy with colourful visual aids to explain the Local Measure software.

Local Measure further helps customers with articles, insights and case studies, from which users can download free ebooks and checklists. The content is focused on helping businesses leverage customer data to gain valuable insights.

Local Measure’s content strategy hits the mark with an ideal balance of informative content and interesting visuals.

Lesson – complement copy with visuals.


Envato is a global marketplace for designers around the world to sell digital assets. Envato’s content marketing strategy aims to connect its global customer base through its content.

Envato’s blog is full of helpful articles targeted towards its users with a predominant business focus. But what makes Envato’s content activities unique is its community building. Envato facilitates a user forum, and a community blog. Together they connect everyday users with experts and create conversations around the company.

Envato’s digital community culture is entrenched in its content strategy.

Lesson – build a brand community.

Which startups top your list of tech companies doing content marketing right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.