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Did you know the majority of prospective employees will review your company's LinkedIn presence before they even consider applying for a role in your company?

The same goes for potential clients. 

With that in mind, having a polished LinkedIn presence and ensuring your employees are representing you well are key to:

  • Landing new business
  • Attracting star recruits
  • Positioning your company as the best in your industry.

So what are some of the common mistakes standing in your way? 

Inconsistency throughout employee profiles

Employees that don't have photos, or make poor photo choices  (pouty selfies and beach shots are not appropriate) 

Outdated corporate information that deter potential employees

Lack of employment detail is a nail in the coffin 

Employees need to be on the same page to represent your brand well online. However, most employees and marketing teams don’t have the time to go in and make everything perfect. That's where we come in...

What can I expect?

We are LinkedIn specialists, and we make it our business to standardise your company's LinkedIn presence. We review employee profiles for completeness, comprehensiveness and consistency to align with your brand.

We write profile summaries that highlight your company's strengths and unique skills each employee brings to the table.

We can even organise a photographer to snap updated corporate photos for your team to ensure EVERYONE is putting their best foot forward. 

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Our corporate LinkedIn services include:

  • Creating comprehensive profile summaries  for each employee
  • Updating experience sections 
  • Auditing your company presence on LinkedIn and providing a customised report on possible improvements 
  • Sending a gun photographer to your workplace to ensure everyone's LinkedIn profile photos are professional and consistent.


Meet your specialists

Your company's LinkedIn presence will be reviewed by a team of talented specialists. Depending on your industry and experience, you'll work with:

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